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PGAA.com is designed to help you and your pet enjoy every aspect of your lives together. We have a wealth of information to help you achieve that goal.  PGAA can assist you as you decide which pet is best for your situation. Once you’ve brought that pet into your life, PGAA is there with up-to-the-minute information on how to insure the health, welfare, training of your pet, as well as suggestions on how to build the perfect pet/person relationship. (About Us).

This site covers five categories of pets:   Dogs, Cats, Small Mammals, Birds, and Fish and Reptiles.  The best way to view all of the different categories and the indexed data associated with each category is by using the Navigation Bars at the top of each page and post.

In addition to pet care and health information contained in each category we also provide:

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Browse our site and enjoy and use the information provided to help you live with, and care for, your pet.  AND, make us one of your Favorite Places!

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