“Natural” Pet Tips



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There is a mounting stack of evidence of the negative effects that chemical-laden man-made products have on our pets. It is difficult for them to notify us when something is wrong, so we don’t often know that they have a tumor or are riddled with cancer until it is too late. Some pets already have a compromised immune system or have other special needs that could benefit from all-natural care at home. To best protect your pet, caring for your animal as naturally as possible will help to avoid toxic products that may cause your pet harm.


What you feed your pet is very important in supporting their healthy lifestyle. Just like humans, different animals have different needs depending on their gender, size, age and dietary restrictions. In the distant past, although domesticated, animals still largely depended on hunting wildlife for their main food source. We no longer can entertain that as a possibility for our animals due to the risk of exposing them to disease and danger to wildlife populations. As a pet owner, you single-handedly control what your animal eats.

Choose an all-natural food brand for your animal that fits their breed, stage in life and lifestyle. Read the ingredients list and steer away from brands that have items listed that you can’t pronounce. There are many natural food brands to choose from, including raw diets that consist of dehydrated unprocessed foods. It may take some time to find the right one for your pet that aligns with their taste buds and your budget. Reach out to a variety of food brands and request samples so that you’re not stuck with multiple half-eaten bags or cans of food.

Wild Encounters

Depending on where you live, encounters with other animals and wildlife may be more common. Keep in mind that even if you live in an urban area, wildlife such as raccoons and skunks are still scampering around under the street lights. These pests have the ability to infiltrate backyards, no matter how well fenced, and your pet may end up getting scratched or sprayed.

Pets can never find a “good” time to get skunked. It may be your first reaction to reach for the emergency bottle of dish soap or detergent, but try to refrain. Treat it naturally. Instead of using potentially chemically laden soaps to get rid of the skunk odor, use wood ash or tomato paste instead. You will need large amounts of either, and it should be worked into their coat with your hands and warm water. For the best results, allow it to sit for a couple of hours. This is a good time to make use of your garage or guest bathroom.

In the event that your animal gets scratched or hurt by another animal, always clean the wound first. Omit the use of hydrogen peroxide, as it kills the good bacteria in the wound as well as the bad. After the wound is clean with mild soap, dab the wound with tea tree oil and let air dry. Put a bit of coconut oil on the wound and bandage it with clean dressings to deter your pet from licking it.

Protect Yourself

Many pet owners allow their pets to sleep with them in their beds, walk on their kitchen counters and to get up on the furniture. Unless they are crated, they have access to virtually every nook and cranny of our homes. It is important to keep this in mind because pets have the ability to get you sick, just like another person can. It’s important to stay on top of their healthcare as a means of protecting yourself from them as well.

Making sure that your animal is up to date on their shots is the first step towards keeping them healthy. The second step is to feed them a prebiotic- and probiotic-rich diet to maintain a healthy digestive tract, which can affect other areas of their health. The third is to bathe them regularly. Our pets, especially those that spend time outdoors, have the tendency to pick up hitchhikers on the fur. They can bring mites, fleas, worms, ticks, molds and bacteria into our homes that can go unnoticed for a long period of time before it is too late. Bathe them in thieves oil shampoo to rid your pet of any unwanted guests.

There are many ways to care for your pet naturally. It is simple as asking yourself before feeding or treating your animal: “is there is a more natural option?”

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