A Dog’s Mom


This article was written for Pet Guardian Angels of America by Sandra Larson


What It Is Like Being a Dog Mom

Dogs are one of the most loyal pets you can ever have. Although they can take care of
themselves to some extent, they also need care from humans. That is where you and I come in.
Taking care of dogs, or being a dog mom is one of the things that will bring you joy in life.
However, it also comes with heavy responsibility.

There are ups and downs and sacrifices need to made in order to become a good pet mom. A
good thing about being a dog mom is that it also gets you ready to be a real mom if you want to have kids in the future. What is it really like taking care of a dog?

You get a playmate

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Dogs are very playful whether they are puppies or they are adult dogs. You can never get bored
having such pets in the house and they are never too tired to play. You can always be
guaranteed of a little fun with your pet when you get back home after a long day at work or

You Get a Loyal Friend

Dogs are known for being loyal . The more you interact with your dog the stronger the bond
between the two of you. Once you cultivate that strong bond you can be assured you will
always have a loyal friend beside. Dogs will always protect you once they sense you are in

It Is a Heavy Responsibility

As much as there is joy in taking care of pets and playing around with them. It is also a heavy responsibility for taking care of them. Some of the responsibilities involve:


Just like a child needs to be trained in order to have good habits, dogs also need to be trained for them to develop good habits. You may wonder why some dogs reside peacefully with other pets while other dogs may have a troublesome relationship with other pets. That is all as a result of training. You will need to train them on where to pee, what to eat and what not to eat and how to treat people among other things

Giving Them Attention

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Dogs need to feel loved and one way you can do that is by giving them attention each day. If you are a student, this may be a challenge due to the scope of academic work you may have.
However, you can always make time by hiring professional writers to do some of your

Research to find out more about top essay writing service that can actually benefit you and free up some of your time which you could use with your dog. Even though you may have a busy
schedule, always ensure you spend time with your pet every morning before you leave and
every evening when you get back home.

Nursing Them When Sick

When your pet is sick, that is when they need you the most. You have the responsibility of
taking them to the vet and nursing them even when they are back home. That means you watch
how they are progressing to see if they are better or worse. Most of the time, you will be
required to cancel any plans you had to take care of your sick dog since they are not able to care for themselves.

Bathing and Grooming Them

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Part of being a dog parent is grooming and bathing your dog regularly. Your pet will be free from a lot of illnesses brought about by dirt which means you will have less sleepless nights.
Grooming and bathing them can also be a fun time for you and your pet.

Foregoing Visiting Some Places

If you are an outgoing person, you no doubt like visiting various places. Just like a mom would make sacrifices?


Granted, being a dog parent is bitter-sweet. You will have fun times with your dog as you play and spend time together, take photos and also get new experiences together. You will also gothrough the hard times when your pet is sick, during the initial training stages.

Before getting a dog as a pet, it would be wise to consider everything that is involved to ensure you can handle the situation well. This will help you be a good dog mom and it will also ensure your pet gets the proper care that is necessary and deserved at all times.

Sandra Larson is a professional writer and also a pet mom. She has taken care of dogs for a long time and thus knows how it feels to be a dog parent and what is required to be a successful one. She shares her experiences and advice with others through blog articles in order to help others take care of their pets effectively.