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If you’re thinking about purchasing a trained protection dog for your family, you’re in good company. As the news increasingly fills with stories of home invasions and societal uncertainty, more families are turning to a protection dog to provide an extra level of safety, comfort, companionship, and security for their loved ones.

Here are several reasons why owning a protection dog could be an excellent choice for you.

Living Alarm System

Whether you have an alarm system or you’re thinking of getting one along with your dog, the upside of owning a trained family protection dog is that they can act as your alarm system, as well. Alarm systems are great for alerting you to incoming trouble as it’s happening, but they are incredibly limited, as well.

Alarm systems can only:

  • Alert you to danger
  • Possibly deter an intruder
  • Be connected to the home

With a trained protection dog, you get all of the above and they will also:

  • Distract an intruder
  • Protect individuals in the home
  • Defend against an intruder

While some alarm systems can be hooked into the city grid and alert the police, it can still take up to ten minutes for the police to arrive at the scene. In the meantime, all you have for protection is a blaring siren between you and the intruder.

A trained protection dog, on the other hand, can do everything an alarm can do in addition to protecting you and your family. They will alert you to danger at the first sign of trouble and then go to work, putting themselves in between your family and an intruder.

Your dog can then actively deter and hold off an intruder until police arrive on the scene, further protecting you and your family. A protection dog is like having a living, breathing alarm system that you can with you anywhere.

Personal Bodyguard

Not only will your trained protection dog act as an alarm, but they are also your living, breathing bodyguards as well.

In exchange for love, exercise, and dog food, these K9’s will protect you and your family with their very lives. They make it their sworn duty as the protector of your family to allow no harm to come to anyone in their “pack.”

When an intruder breaches the perimeter of your home, or a threatening person approaches you in the grocery store parking lot, these dogs will go into action. They’ll physically place themselves between you and the threat to first deter the other person.

If you are still being threatened:

They’ll posture themselves defensively to try and warn off the attacker. When left with no other resort, they will neutralize the threat and continue to do so until help arrives.

Traveling Protection

Trained protection dogs have a unique advantage above all other forms of protection. Namely, they can travel with you. A home alarm system can’t go on vacation, and even taking guns can get dicey, given varying state regulations.

Trained protection dogs, however, can travel with you to any state by plane, train, or car.

They can adapt to new surroundings and will remain on alert to protect your family. They thrive on being given jobs to do, so taking them with you will not only give them an enjoyable time with your family, but you will help hone their training.

They’ll remain vigilant and on the alert even as you and your family enjoy time outdoor at national parks, campsites, and Airbnbs across the country. Whether you travel for fun or business, protection dogs will add to your safety and protection.

An Extra Layer of Security

Protection dogs are highly trained to sense danger and anything unusual. If you get home from the store and feel like something isn’t right at home, your protection dog can perform a perimeter check or property search before you enter.

They are trained to calmly and confidently handle stressful situations, no matter what may face them. They are always “on” and alert, ready to spring into action and defend you during the time you least expect to need it.

Protection dogs provide an excellent layer of protection and security for your family, no matter what you’re doing.

Protection Dogs: An All-In-One Security System

If you want the best security system turned bodyguard you can get, train family protection dogs are an excellent solution. They are loving and companionable while staying alert to your surroundings. These dogs are incredibly loyal, devoted, and hardworking. They thrive when given a job and will proudly serve as the lookout and point of protection for your family.

Consistent training and firm leadership are essential for them to learn their place in the family, but once settled, these dogs will become hardworking, loyal, and dedicated members of the family who will do their best to protect their pack.

Is a trained family protection dog right for you?

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