Dogs Will Eat Anything


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Dog Will Eat Anything

Dogs will eat just about anything that is put in front of them, especially if it smells good to them. There are many things that they love the smell of that aren’t good for them. Some of these things are simply ‘not good’ for them, while other things may be dangerous for them. Dogs don’t care. They can’t tell the difference and need you to determine if dogs can eat french fries. They need you to know what will make them sick.

PetBlogish has things to say on this subject and many more articles that will help you learn about what dogs can eat and definitely should not eat under any circumstances. Do you have one of those dogs that will eat anything the moment it falls on the floor? Then you’d better know what’s toxic and what is not.

French Fries and Dogs – Yay or Nay?

French fries will not kill your dog but they fall into the category of foods that aren’t healthy for them. We likely know that these things aren’t healthy for us either. The fats that French fries are deep-fried in are the type of trans fats that are very bad and cause heart disease, high blood pressure, and blockages that can lead to stroke.

Dogs are already short-changed on living years. Most dogs are lucky to live beyond the age of 12 to 15. By added trans fats to their diet, you could be reducing their age significantly, speeding up their life expectancy to as low as 7 to 10 years. They don’t know this is the trade-off for eating the French fries so it is important that you do the choosing for them.

Cooked potatoes are not toxic to dogs, but raw potatoes are. You should also know this in the case that you are preparing your supper and think that some raw potato added to your dog’s dish is healthy. It’s not healthy for them and can make them violently ill in some cases.

The potato is a part of the nightshade family of plants that can be very poisonous in some forms. To dogs, raw potatoes are toxic because the nightshade family contains solanine This chemical is mostly cooked out of the plant when it is baked or boiled. Only feed your dog cooked potatoes. That said, fried foods should be avoided for your dog (for you too) if you want their health to remain good.

Many Foods Dogs Should Not Eat

Along with not eating fried foods and things that are high in fat, there are foods that can be very dangerous and toxic. Some can actually kill your dog and cause permanent kidney damage. Here are a few of these things that can be commonly found in many households.

Xylitol – This is a sugar substitute that is often used in chewing gum but has also been recently added to other types of foods, especially peanut butter brands. Make sure that you read the labels on your peanut butter and avoid bringing it into the home. Sugar-free chewing gums nearly all use xylitol and you should be very leary of it because one piece of gum is enough to kill many dogs.

Raw Tomato – This is also a member of the nightshade family and contains solanine. Be wary of uncooked tomatoes but cooked tomatoes are fine in small quantities.

Macadamia Nuts – These are highly toxic and dogs can have kidney damage and even paralysis from eating them. Scientists are not sure exactly what it is in the macadams that causes the issue so best to avoid them completely and carefully.

Grapes – Grapes are very toxic to dogs and eating them can cause kidney failure and death. As few as 7 to 10 grapes can make a small dog suffer death via kidney damage.

Avocado pits, peach pits, apple seeds – Avoid seeds of any plant. These are all toxic to dogs. Apple seeds contain arsenic and can be very toxic. Most pits from fruits are dangerous chemically or as choking hazards. Avoid these completely and your dog will stay healthier.

Chocolate – This is highly toxic to dogs and will be more toxic in dark chocolate as it is purer. It is the Theobromine in the chocolate that is dangerous, as well as the caffeine. It can cause seizures, heart failure, kidney damage, and ultimately death. Be very careful of any chocolate in the house and keep it well away from the dog.

Caffeine – This is highly dangerous because it can raise a dog’s heart rate to dangerous levels. They should never have caffeine under any circumstances. Their metabolism doesn’t work like ours and it will also stay in their system too long.

Be very clear that the food you are about to feed your dog is safe. Look it up on a credible site and never take someone’s word for it unless that person is your veterinarian.

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