5 Grooming Tips for Puppies



This posting was provided by Jenny from Cleaner Paws


Although we all love our pets, any new dog owner will know only too well the challenges that puppies can bring. As well as the common issues of house training your puppy and ensuring they’re comfortable in their new environment, as your dog grows older you will continue to face new and exciting challenges.

One of the big challenges arises when it comes to grooming your new pet. Naturally puppies are sheepish when it comes to grooming, as a new experience they’re not used to can mean they can be become nervous and anxious, however this won’t last and is something that with training can be overcome.

Here are 5 tips for making the grooming experience far more pleasant for both you and your puppy:

  • Patience is Key – Introduce your puppy to the process slowly, this will ensure that they become accustomed to the sounds and objects that are part of grooming procedure. Depending on what grooming you’re carrying out it, whether it is trimming your puppy’s nails or clipping their fur it is likely that the items used may unnerve your pet at first. By introducing your puppy slowly you can show that they have nothing to fear and with time they will even come to enjoy being groomed.
  • Positive Association – This is a part of puppy training than any new dog owner will already know very well and can also be used with grooming. Your puppy can be taught to enjoy grooming by introducing them to the process and rewarding them when they behave well. This includes sitting still for an extended period of time will you’re preparing them to be groomed or bathed and over time they will come to associate grooming with treats which will make your life a whole lot easier.
  • Choose the Right Products – The first two tips given in this guide will hopefully begin to make the process of grooming your pet easier by changing their behaviour. The third tip covers the products you use to carry out the grooming and can make a huge difference on not only the ease of the process but also the effectiveness, with your pet coming away cleaner and more healthy from even the briefest of grooming sessions. A dog bath tub will help when it comes to ensuring your pet doesn’t slip or run away easily and a specialized puppy shampoo will also make bath time even more successful.
  • Use a Designated Grooming Area – This is another tip related to association and having a designated area in your home can be a great help to familiarize your puppy with being groomed. This also works if you decide to get your dog professionally groomed, choosing one groomer and sticking with them can have a huge benefit on how your dog behaves.
  • Raise a Social Puppy – This tip isn’t exclusive just to grooming, instead can help many areas of your puppy’s upbringing. By introducing your pet to new places, people and other dogs regularly you will help them to become more social which can have a number of advantages. Many of these help when it comes to grooming as well as if your puppy is comfortable with new people or places, they will have no worries at about a visit to the groomers where they will likely come into contact with plenty of other humans and dogs.

We hope this quick guide has provided a number of tips that can really help when it comes to grooming your puppy. Although it may seem impossible at first, if you break the task down in to smaller, more manageable areas then your puppy will be as playful while being groomed as they are out on long walks.