8 Significant Messages Your Dog is Sending



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Is your beloved dog trying to tell you something? The fact is dogs have a language that expresses their emotions and intentions to people in their company. Most of this communication is through body language other than sounds and movements. This is their facial expression and body posture. Once you know the basics of what your canine is saying, you can determine when your pet is scared and anxious or moody and ready to snap at someone. Watching the face and body is the key.

Keeping this in mind; here is a list of 8 significant messages your dog is sending.

Relaxed– The dog is comfortable and satisfied. This dog is carefree and without fear by anything that is happening in this setting.

Alert- Something has peaked the dog’s interest or an unfamiliar object. This points to him being on alert and remaining vigilant to any danger and if he should act

Dominant/Aggressive- Here is a dominant and confident animal. This means he is establishing his dominance and warning that he will strike if provoked.

Fearful/ Aggressive- He is spooked but not willing to relent and will attack if cornered. A dog is doing this gesture when he is facing the person who is troubling him

Stressed and Distressed- The dog is experiencing social or environment anxiety. This is an indication of his general emotions and not towards any particular person.

Fearful and worried- The canine is a bit frightened and willing to submit. This gesture is to appease the person of a higher status the dog consider a threat and wants to avoid confrontation

Extreme Fear-At this point, the animal will demonstrate submission and surrender. He is telling the individual he accepts the position before an intimidating person and begging to prevent conflict

Playfulness- This one is a signal for play time. Also associated with this, there may be enthusiastic barking or playful assaults and retreats. There is an emphasis to keep in mind that any earlier rough behavior was harmless.



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