A Cat’s Personality


This article was written for Pet Guardian Angels of America by Mikkie Mills


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If you are a cat owner, you may feel powerless to their angst type of personality. Most cats are somber to the point of seeming as if they are uninterested in anything. A lot of felines with this ttype of personality will not even snuggle up to their owners.

Some Cats Have Quirks They Have Learned on Their Own

Even so, you will have some that do gravitate to a somewhat interactive relationship with their caregivers. Some indoor cats are quite funny with quirks they pick up around the house. For example, I knew a lady with an indoor cat who would not allow doors to be closed in the home. It never mattered that the woman lived alone and simply closed the bathroom door when she had to go; if she did not lock it, the cat would open it. A brilliant little trick that her cat mastered,and she still, to this day, is puzzled as to how?

Helping You Discover Your Cat’s Unique Personality

Further research into this topic brought me to the understanding that, indeed, cats do have
special characteristics which will display some unusual behaviors at times. In fact, it seems a few of those have been identified as:

  • The Social Cat – A Social cat is one who will instantly greet you and your guests as soon
    as you enter the door by rubbing up on your legs. This type of cat has probably been in a
    family setting since they were a kitten and has responded well to a family-oriented
    environment. If you allow this type of cat to have outside time, you may have asked
    yourself the question; why does my cat always bring me dead animals? Well, assuming your cat is fixed and is a large part of the family, this could be the cat’s way of contributing to the family. Be assured that it is only a gift from your feline friend. Although most of us will find it quite strange.
  • The Spontaneous Cat – This type of cat is jumpy, and it does not even need a good
    reason to be. If your kitty bounces up and runs from the slightest noise, then life is
    unsettling to him. With this type of cat, you never, at any given moment, know when he
    will have a spontaneous urge to flee.
  • The Unsociable Cat – This cat is the type of cat we most commonly encounter. The feline
    that is over it already…The one that could not give a care if your hair’s on fire. The only
    thing this type of cat is aware of is his own presence. He cares not to socialize with
    humans or other feline friends. He is happy laying on the piano and looking at his
    reflection in the shiny lid. If he was human, I suspect this kitty would be a narcissist.
  • The Curious Cat – These types of cats need stimulation in their daily 9 lives. They are
    thrill seekers and extremely playful. They seem to always be searching for something to get into trouble with. This feline is the one that will surprise you by opening the bathroom door while you are indisposed. They are adventurous and smart and will keep you on your toes.?
  • The Anxious Cat – These types of cats have extreme fearful views of strangers, so they
    do not like guests. They have a nervous energy that makes them want to hide in a
    corner somewhere. Although they are introverted to the outside world, they do like to
    cozy up to their owners and with a little coaxing from their caregiver will eventually be
    more receptive to others.

Explaining How Cat and Human Traits Can Come From Similar Sources

As human behaviors are linked to things like the environment we live in or the genetics of our parents, it would not be surprising to know that cats’ personalities also come from these types of things as well. If a cat was adopted from a shelter and was not in a home setting right from a kitten age, then it may have already learned its set personality and will need time to adjust to another. Also, as we humans have traits from our parents, there is no exception when it comes to animals. They too may inherit some personality traits from the mother or father. Whatever personality that your cat has, embrace its uniqueness and appreciate the friendship.

Mikkie Mills, is a freelance writer who often writes about family, home improvements and the occasional DIY project.