A Healthy Dog


This article was written for Pet Guardian Angels of America by Jenn Lee
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5 Ways to Keep Your Dog Healthy

Having a dog as a pet is a great responsibility but the companionship, love, and loyalty that your pet shows you are well worth it. Your dog depends on you to meet their every need and take care of them, so you need to do your best to provide what they need so they can live a happy and healthy life.

Proper Nutrition

Along with access to clean, fresh water, your dog needs nutritious food. If your dog has unique nutrition needs, they should be factored into the type of food that you’re feeding.

Regular dry dog food is probably the most popular form of food to feed, and after that canned wet dog food. However, it has become increasingly popular lately to feed fresh food to your pet, whether you make it yourself or purchase it. While there are quality foods in any of these categories, you should pay attention to labels. A lot of dry dog food, especially those on the cheaper end, have many additives to preserve them for longer shelf life as well as fillers to bulk up the quantity without providing any nutritional value.

The benefit of a fresh food diet is that it eliminates the majority of those fillers and focuses on quality nutrition. Feeding your dog fresh food can be a little more difficult and expensive because you’re buying higher quality ingredients and you need to purchase them often as without preservatives it will spoil. You can take the time to make this yourself, or there are excellent subscription services that provide a personalized delivery service of fresh food. One of the best is Nom Nom. You can read here for a Nom Nom dog food review to see the pros and cons of such a service.

Exercise and Play

The amount of activity that a dog needs can vary depending on the breed. Some dogs don’t need much exercise while others need quite a bit more than the average dog. If your dog doesn’t get to expend his energy in a healthy way it can lead to health issues as well as destructive behaviors like chewing.

Provide your dog with fun ways to burn off some steam. Frequent walks are a great idea, as well as some interactive playtime. Playing fetch, tug-of-war, or any other activity that you can enjoy with your pet will let him get the exercise he needs, and spend time with his favorite human.


Your dog needs to be provided with shelter, whether this is a space in your home or a safe and secure place outdoors that is warm and dry. If your dog spends any extended time outside, he or she should have a type of shelter to provide shade from the harsh sun and heat and any other inclement weather, as well as a place to get away from any threats or pests.


It’s important that you provide your pet with clean, warm, and dry bedding. All bedding should be washed on a regular basis to prevent the infestation of fleas and any other pests and to keep clean to avoid skin irritation.

Your pet also needs to be bathed and groomed regularly. If you have a dog that has a lot of wrinkles you need to pay close attention to clean these and provide the proper lotions or salves to prevent any inflammation or irritation.

Regular Vet Visits

Visit your veterinarian at least once per year for a pet check-up and to get the necessary shots and any medications your vet recommends. You can work with your vet to monitor your pet’s health and screen for any illnesses that may need treatment.

Take the necessary steps to keep your pet healthy and happy and they will provide you with a lifetime of comfort and companionship. Your bond with your pet is one of the most special you’ll ever experience. Give your pet the best that you can so he or she can fully enjoy life and enrich yours as well.

Jenn Lee, is a family blogger and proud parent of Reggie the Golden Retriever .