A Pet’s Comfortable Home


This article was written for Pet Guardian Angels of America by Jenn Lee
Photo by Pexels

How to Make Your Home Comfortable for Your Pets

An attentive pet owner puts a lot of priority in giving his or her pets a safe and comfortable home. Here are six things that you can do to make your home comfortable for your pets.

1. Control Your Home’s Temperature When You’re Not There

When you’re leaving your home for the day, you shouldn’t turn your HVAC system completely off if you’ll be leaving a pet at home. Cold winter weather and hot summer weather could be very uncomfortable for pets, and extreme temperatures could be dangerous for their health. Help your pet stay comfortable by leaving your HVAC system set at a reasonable temperature so that your pet won’t be too hot or cold while you’re away.

2. Make Bath Time Comfortable

If you bathe your dog in your home, you’ll want to provide a comfortable water temperature. Getting your dog into the bathroom for bath time, and some dogs find the experience very objectionable. You don’t want to prolong bath time by having to wait for hot water to come out, and you certainly don’t want to subject your dog to a cold water bath. Difficulty regulating the water temperature in your home can also result in warm water suddenly coming out cold when a water heater tank suddenly empties or there is another hot water demand somewhere in your home. Updating your home’s water heating system may help to resolve the problem and ensure safe and warm bath times. If you live in California and need help from a water heater company in Winnetka, contact a company that specializes in repairing and replacing water heaters. It will be able to offer you the best possible guidance on your home’s needs.

3. Get Your Pet an Orthopedic Bed

Your pet needs a great bed to hang out in and nap comfortably. All pets will benefit from having a comfortable bed that’s large enough for them to stretch out in rather than just ball up in. Older pets or pets with joint problems may benefit from having an orthopedic bed. A soft but supportive memory foam material will contour to your pets body without creating pressure on aching joints.

4. Ensure That Your Pet Has Continuous Access to Fresh and Cold Water

Your pet needs to have fresh water throughout the day in order to stay adequately hydrated. Dogs and cats don’t want to drink stagnant water that has been sitting out all day. Don’t wait until a dish is empty to refill it. Anytime that you refresh your own drink, you should also refresh your pet’s water bowl. If you have to leave your pet for an extended period of time on a regular basis while you’re away at work, you should consider getting a pet fountain. It will create a steady stream of freshly oxygenated water. The sound of running water may also make your pet more interested in drinking. Alternatively, you could get a cooling bowl that will keep water cold on a warm or humid day.

5. Give Your Pet a View

Your pets get a lot of contentment and entertainment just from being able to see what’s happening outside. Your cat may enjoy doing a little bird watching as a part of his or her morning routine, and a dog would like a good whiff of all of the fascinating scents outside of an open window. Give your pets a place to hang out by the window where they can have easy access to the right height and won’t have to jump up with two paws or get into an uncomfortable position to take in the view.

6. Get a Pat Ramp

A pet who is small or has an age-related mobility impairment may have trouble getting on his or her favorite surfaces to hang with you such as your couch or bed. Get your pet a set of stairs or a ramp so it will be easy to get to his or her favorite spot next to you.

Jenn Lee, is a family blogger and proud parent of Reggie the Golden Retriever .