About Us

Pet Guardian Angels of America is about those animals with whom we choose to share our lives—our pets. It’s about building a relationship with them that is based on love and understanding. It’s about acknowledging our responsibility to keep our pets healthy, happy and strong.

Here at PGAA, we currently live with Golden Retrievers, numbers 5 and 6 (Chelsea age 12 and Sunny age 3).

Andy and Maddie, our Goldens number 1 and 2 (Andy and our rescued Gilly) arrived 22 years ago. Back then we were novice pet owners to be sure. Just as with raising a child, you may have some basic concepts under your belt, but much of it is “seat of the pants”. We quickly concluded that we needed additional information on a whole range of issues from how to “house-train” a puppy, what and when to feed a dog, and why do dogs chew shoes to the most serious issue of how to deal with your beloved pet’s terminal illness. More importantly we realized that we needed to evaluate that information to filter out the quacks, the scammers, and the downright stupid.

Chris, a university librarian, began to apply her skills identifying, researching and evaluating the sources of information for each and every crisis that arose.

As Goldens number 1 and 2 became Goldens 3 and 4 (Maddie and Justin), we began to realize that our experiences and our discoveries may be valuable to other pet owners. Co-incidentally the Internet was growing and establishing itself as an essential tool not just for gathering information, but for dispersing that information to a large population.

Ron, with a background in military intelligence and organization, became the guru of PGAA. He had the technical expertise to develop and construct, monitor and manage what became www.pgaa.com .

PGAA went “live” in July of 1988. Today, we continue to strive to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information through links, reviews, and general as well as topic-specific articles. The site includes dog and cat breed selection guides; individual breed profiles; small mammal and domestic bird guides; reptile and amphibian guides.

Ron has always had a keen interest in rescue work. So PGAA maintains an actively growing rescue index by State along with an Internet service providing free adoption and surrender assistance for our site visitors. We have been very successful in helping people find pets and pet find people. Please visit our COMMENTS section to read about this service.

PGAA welcomes all pet lovers to visit our site. Please e-mail us at ita408@comcast.net if you need assistance in finding or surrendering a pet; or if you have any other questions regarding your pet. We never charge for this service.