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Jake aka Barbate Ipso Facto and Cabot from Jubileeaires Airedales

The Airedale is an elegant tan and black terrier possessing a natural proud attitude and poise.  They are active and need regular exercise and challenge.  They may at times appear reserved, but they are not shy.  Airedales are smart and personable, and will be very inventive if left to find their own entertainment.

The enjoy the ability to run and play unfettered, but should be confined to a fenced area.  They are inquisitive and will wonder off in search of new adventures and investigations.  As terriers they love to dig, and are not easily distracted when they’ve set their mind to see how deep your property goes.

A good family dog especially if the family and Airedale learn and grow together.  While they deal well with children such interaction should be supervised with very young and strangers.  Involve all family members in Airedale activity, feeding and care.  A complete sense of belonging for all two and four legged family members goes a long way to teach everybody everyone’s elses boundaries, likes and dislikes.  Airedale’s are very intelligent and patient and will probably be the first to learn the “routine”.

Read PGAA’s Hypoallergenic Dogs article.

Average Height(“‘s)
Average Weight (#’s)
Notes for owners
Wiry Minimal.  Very little shedding Best for experienced owner. Can be stubborn.  Needs LOTS of exercise.  Could be OK for allergy sufferers.

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