All About Man’s (and Woman’s) Best Friend



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Man’s Best Friend – Infographic


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A dog is more than a cute face; he’s a loyal companion with a big personality. Our furry counterparts often reflect their owners. And no matter what, they’re always eager to please. The bond between dogs and man started about 15,000 years ago. Wolf pups were taken in and cared for. Ones with certain traits were bred for specific purposes. Down the line, many different dog breeds were produced. There are a range of sizes and functions. Worldwide, there are 400 million canines- about 83.3 million in the U.S. alone. They include working dogs, herding dogs, lap dogs, etc.

But no matter the breed, they continue to be our best friend. While we no longer necessarily need them for daily survival (like in the old days), a dog does provide extra home security. They are always on the lookout with their fantastic hearing, which is five times better than our own. They also have 210 more scent-sensitive cells too. However hard they try, a dog can’t always protect us; but we can protect them.

After all of these centuries, it’s our turn to protect.

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