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How to make a dog stop itching:

A dog with dry itchy skin can be very frustrating. An itchy patch of skin on your dog can linger for a while, especially when your dog continues to bite an lick the area. While you could always take your dog directly to the vet, you will rack up expensive bills that are not easy to pay.

In this article, we will cover some of the best, simple solutions to help a dog with itchy skin. You should know that itchy skin is a common issue among dogs and there are plenty of solutions to cure it. The first step in curing an itchy dog is finding out the source of the problem.

Reasons why dogs itch?

Neurogenic Behavior- This is when your dog constantly licks himself. This can be caused by boredom or anxiety. One simple solution for reducing boredom could be the introduction of chew toys for dogs that will keep them busy and distract them from licking themselves.

Allergies- Your dog may have an allergy that is causing the irritated skin. This could be from pollen, food, or even the presence of other pets. Just like humans, dogs react differently to various food ingredients. The team at Rangersdog have highlighted some of the best dog foods on this article with more emphasis on nutritional value &natural ingredients rather than brands.

Skin infections- This is one of the most common causes of itchy skin in dogs. Skin infections in dogs can be caused by a collection of bacteria or yeast on the skin. This usually results in a dry patch of irritated skin.

Fleas- One of the most common (and hardest to treat) is flea or parasite infections on your dog’s skin.

Solutions for an itchy dog

1) Give your dog plenty of attention and make sure he/she is exercising frequently. This works especially for cats that have a neurotic urge to itch and lick their skin. You can also put cherry deterrent spray which helps keep your dog from itching the area.

2) A lot of us pet parents prefer to have our dogs on the leash and for even more control we tend to use a dog harness. However, most harnesses are built to be snug and haven’t considered dogs that would have itchy skin. Therefore, as a dog owner you need to consider using brands that have thought of this for example Sporn, who have designed a mesh pattern dog harness to allow for less friction when your dog is out on walkies.

3) Dog cones also work very well to prevent dogs from itching their skin.

4) Anti-itch creams are widely available on Amazon and work very well. Some creams include aloe components which help heal the skin while deterring your dog from licking the area.

5) Shampoo- Shampoo can solve the entire problem. If you suspect your dog has parasites, you should look into buying shampoo that specifically treats parasites and other infestations. There is also general shampoo which is great at keeping your dogs coat and skin clean and fresh. However, it is important to not over bathe your dog. Sometimes, if you wash your dog too much, it can actually create itchy spots. This is because when you wash your dog with shampoo, he/she loses some of their natural oil from their coat. If your dog loses to much of this oil, it can dry out their skin and actually cause the dry itch patches on their skin.

6) There are also some natural remedies for a dog’s itchy skin. Our three favorite our aloe vera, emu oil, and petroleum jelly. These remedies and drastically improve your dog’s itch and doesn’t burn a whole in your pocket.

7) You may be avoiding the vet due to the potential cost. While we recommend trying the remedies listed above before taking your dog to the vet, sometimes it is unavoidable. Sometimes, your dog may have a certain condition that can only be cured by a vet. Therefore, if you notice that your dog is still chronically itching after you try natural remedies, you should take he/she to the vet. If your dog’s itching problem is not treated correctly, the problem could linger and lead to worse pain and infection for you dog.

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