Anatolian Shepherd Dog

Working Group
Maxwell and son of Maxwell from Full Circle Farm

The Anatolian Shepherd Dog dates back to the Anatolian plateau of Turkey, and is also known as the Karabash.  Its a large dog primarily used to protect livestock.  They are good and loyal family members and get along well with children, but need a strong willed and forceful master.  As with most dogs, a first meeting with strangers and young children needs to be supervised.  The Anatolian is an agile breed and long on endurance, and should get regular and rigorous exercise.  Keep it challenged with “mental” exercises, especially when living indoors — you don’t want a 150 pound dog finding its own “releases”.  As with other large breed dogs the Anatolian can be prone to hip dysplasia.

Average Height(“‘s)
Average Weight (#’s)
Notes for owners
Medium to long.  Sheds seasonally. Minimal Not a beginner dog, and not an apartment dog.  Suspicious of strangers.  They will always “guard” the “flock.”

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