Animal Abuse and Neglect


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Animal Abuse and Neglect


by Kristin Nichols | April 21, 2015 | Comments | Information


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Animal abuse can be deliberate acts, or simply neglecting to meet the basic needs of an animal. Regardless to if its a dog, cat, a farm animal or a wild animal those who are abused suffer terribly. It takes people like you to speak out, fight for these animals, as they can not do it for themselves.
Who Would Abuse an Animal

Typically those who abuse animals are suffering from emotional problems. They may beat, shoot, stab animals, or set them on fire. They show no remorse for their actions, some may even find humor in hurting an animal. These people who abuse animals are likely to become violent towards other people, even targeting their own friends and family. If you are concerned someone you know is abusing an animal it is important to report them to the proper authorities immediately.

What is Animal Neglect?

Animal neglect is the failure to proper food, water, shelter or vet care. They may be starved and dehydrated, sickness or injuries left untreated, or they may suffer due to environmental exposure. When an animal is neglected for a long period of time and dies as a result, they suffer just as much as those animals who are abused. If you know someone who is neglecting their animal it is important to report them to the proper authorities. Some people do not realize that their actions are truly causing their pet harm and need to be educated, offered support and possibly relieved of their responsibilities of being an animal owner.

Signs of Animal Cruelty

  • Hoarding: When a person who has a large number of animals than that cannot care for properly.
  • Lack of veterinary care: When a person does to seek treatment for an animal suffering from wounds that require immediate care; emaciation, scabs, and hair loss which can be a sign of an untreated underlying diseases.
  • Inadequate shelter (especially in extreme heat or cold temperatures)
  • Chained dogs who are tethered outside
  • Abandonment
  • Beating or physically attacking an animal

Stand Up Against Animal Abuse and Neglect

Animals can not stand up and say that they are being hurt, they can not ask for help. This is why it is so important that if you witness an animal being abused or neglected to turn to the proper authorities for help.

Each state has laws prohibiting animal cruelty. With the exception to South Dakota, the remaining 49 states contain felony provisions against animal cruelty. However if no one is willing speak up these laws are worthless. This is why it is so important for people to report any suspected animal cruelty.
What To Do If You Witness Animal Cruelty

If you suspect a case of animal cruelty you must call 911 or an animal welfare agency, the proper authorities will investigate the situation. Be sure to document any details of the abuse to help with the investigation. The agency who responds will need to know details like date, time, and location of the alleged crime, as well as a physical descriptions of all the people and animals involved. Videos and photos are extremely beneficial to have in these case.

Some agencies are able to obtain and serve warrants, others work directly with law enforcement. The situation will be fully investigate. In many cases the officer will issue a citation and give the owner a chance to correct the violation. If the abuse or neglect is severe the animal will be removed and put into protective custody, the abuser being prosecuted if authorities deem it necessary.

Depending on the severity of the animal cruelty you may be asked to testify in a court of law, this will greatly increase the chances of an conviction. Most cases do not go to trail, however it is important to be prepare if you have to testify on behalf of the abused animal.

While it can be scarey to stand up to someone who is abusing or neglecting an animal it is important. You are the only voice this animal has, you must find the courage to help.

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