Attracting Birds

Attracting Birds without Bird Seed

Many people think that the best way to lure birds to their yard is with bagged bird seed. While this does draw in birds to their yards, there are alternative ways to entice our feathered friends without visiting the store every couple of weeks.

A good water source will attract a wider range of birds than bird seed because only certain birds eat seeds, but all birds require water. In the summer months most bird species like to bathe. Moving or dripping water will tempt the birds to visit even more. The birds are lured to the splashing sound, and the mosquitoes will be unable to lay eggs in the moving water. To accomplish this you can buy a wiggler or a pump of some sort, and if possible one that is solar powered so it does not rely on an outlet. Another way to create moving water would be hanging a bottle with water and punching a small hole in the bottom to drip into the bird bath. The water should be cleaned at least once a week to reduce disease transmission between the birds. If there is no moving water it should be cleaned every other day to prevent mosquitoes.

Another way to attract birds without any bird seed is to stop raking your yard. The added leaf litter gives insects more places to live, which will attract the birds that feed on bugs, such as Eastern Towhees. If you do not like the look of leaves all over your yard you can just rake them to one corner or under a bush. These leaves will also compost and creates good soil for plants.

Planting native plants in your yard will attract birds, sometimes more than store bought bird seed. Plants with berries are good for fruit eating birds, for example Cedar Waxwings; and plants with bright and colorful flowers will attract nectar feeding birds, including Ruby-Throated Hummingbirds. Before planting any plants in your yard you should do a lot of research, making sure it is native to the area and not invasive. The best source to check would be with your state’s Department of Natural Resources.

These tips will help attract birds to your yard with less money and can attract more birds than the basic store bought bird seed. will help you transform your garden into your own bird oasis with a variety of beautiful Bird Baths, Bird Feeders, and Bird Houses. With exquisite artistic Bird Bath Fountains, Bird Bath Bowls, Decorative Bird Feeders at your convenience, you can add a unique touch to your garden and create a haven for the birds in your area. Buy a Bird Feeder Today!

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