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The Balinese is similar to the Siamese in most respects except for its longhair and a softer voice (“A Siamese in an Ermine coat”).  Longhair mutation (up to 2 inches in length of the Siamese.  Full, plumed tail.  Depending on their color, they could be known as Javanese instead of a Balinese.  The silky nature of their coats, which resists matting, makes them easily groomed.  A wedge-shaped face with large, pointed tipped ears and almond-shaped eyes.  Long bodies, long tails, long legs.

  • BREED TYPE:  Spontaneous mutation
  • BODY TYPE:  Foreign
  • COAT TYPE:  Longhair
  • SIZE:  Medium
  • TEMPERAMENT:  Full of pep, very affectionate, and softly vocal.
  • COLORS:  Pointed: lilac, blue, chocolate, seal, seal tortie, seal lynx, seal tortie lynx, chocolate tortie, red lynx, blue lynx, chocolate lynx.

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