Bathing Your Dog

Bathing Your Dog


All dog owners have the responsibility to taking proper care of their dog.  You must provide them with proper dog healthy food and not the bits of food from your meals; you should keep your dog clean and regularly bathed; regularly visit your veterinarian for health checkups; and seek a groomer’s advice for the proper grooming of your dog. Keep your dog happy by playing with him, providing toys and activities, and keeping him active by walking or allowing him to run and play in an open space.. Your dog’s indoor confinement can be aided by safe access to the outside.

Bathing your dog is a necessary part of dog health and care should be used when selecting shampoos.    Some people use shampoos meant for humans, detergents and even dish washing soaps and liquids to bath their pets. This is not an inappropriate action. A dog’s skin is different from humans, and they have coats and fur that human shampoos are not designed to clean. Detergents, dish washing soaps and liquids are too harsh for a dogs skin and coats and the use of them is not in the best interest of the dog. Always use an appropriate dog shampoo with the proper ph value for dogs.. A good dog shampoo contains fatty acids that give a beautiful silky shine to dog’s hair and skin, and vitamins in the shampoos helps the hair to thicken and reduce hair breakage. Vitamin E helps the dog’s skin to revitalize and makes it soft. Vitamin B5 and biotin are other essential ingredients of a good dog shampoo.

The use of de-tangling shampoo and products is a matter of individual choice and preference. De-tangling products take away the static energy that causes the dog’s hair to stick together and will leave the dog’s hair smooth and glossy, and reduced the amount of hair breakage.

Use a dog shampoo according to the skin and coat requirements of your dogs. If your dog has dry skin, employ a shampoo that contains moisturizer that facilitates the restoration and nourishing of the dog’s skin. If your dog suffer from fleas and ticks, the use of an anti-flea shampoo will be helpful.

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