Best Dog Breeds to Help You Battle Depression



by Mary Nielsen

More than 3 million people suffer from depression in the U.S. Depression is defined as a brain disorder that involves persistent depressed mood or loss of interest in various activities. Suffering from depression on a daily basis can make life unbearable, but having a dog can make a difference. Dogs are beneficial for depression because they relax and calm their owners. Here are seven dog breeds that help individuals who are suffering from depression.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are cute and love to cuddle. Because they enjoy cuddling, they were given the name “The Love Sponge.” Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are easy to train and great around children. Before you set your mind on owning one of these dogs, make sure you are committed to grooming them because they require more grooming sessions than other dog breeds.

Labrador Retriever

If you are fond of big dogs, a Labrador Retriever is perfect. These dogs are always in a good mood and happy to see you. Labrador Retrievers are eager to please their person and very loyal. They enjoy being outdoors and are easy to train. Labs are great for people who suffer from depression because they motivate their person to get out of the house, get fresh air, and exercise. These dogs are very supportive and loving.


Poodles are cute, active, and very caring about their person. Poodles are intelligent and always in a pleasant mood. These dogs love to be in the social spotlight and are great with children. Poodles can adapt to their surroundings and live longer than other dog breeds. Although poodles do not shed, they require a routine grooming schedule. Poodles can turn anyone’s frown upside down.

Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers are loving dogs who want to see their person happy. They are loyal, devoted dogs that are well-behaved. These first-ever American Kennel Club Obedience Trial Champians are playful and extremely athletic. There’s nothing better than relieving stress and alleviate symptoms of depression by jogging or swimming with your best friend.

Yorkshire Terrier

People fall in love with the adorable, innocent face of the Yorkshire Terrier. These dogs are one of the most trainable dog breeds. Yorkshire Terriers are intelligent and form a strong bond with their person. These dogs are small and perfect for tagging along with you while running errands. Yorkshire Terriers are perfect if you have limited space in your home.


Vizslas are another breed of dog who can’t get enough of their person which is why they are nicknamed “The Velcro Dog.” They are passionate about proper self-care, so you don’t have to worry about the smell of corn chips or dog breath while you’re cuddling. Vizslas are particular about their appearance, hygiene, and are smart and enjoy exercising. Depression doesn’t stand a chance when you have this dog on your side.


Pugs are known for their naturally grumpy appearance, but they are far from grumpy or mean. Pugs are one of the most positive dog breed available. They have a funny personality and overall caring manner. This dog, like many, sheds a lot. Although pugs can’t tolerate high temperatures for long periods, they don’t mind having a little fun in the sun.

Dogs are always there when you need them. They know when you are suffering or going through a rough time. Whether you suffer from depression or another condition, your dog will be with you every step of the way. Dogs are creatures that have the ability to turn your terrible day into one that’s terrific. Suffering from depression is an everyday challenge, but a having a dog makes it easier to cope. The best part about having a dog is that you will never have to endure anything alone. Your dog will be there for you in more ways than you can imagine.

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