Photos from Callestecats Birman Cattery, and Christmas Basket from Hopewell Sacred Birmans (Photo by Steve Cousins)

The Birman has a long, stocky body and round face.  Well developed cheeks, medium ears with rounded tips, and round eyes.  Its fur is silky and can get long, but does not mat easily.  Weekly grooming.  Four white paws and bushy tail.  Round, blue eyes.  Believed to be from Burma, but should not be confused with the Burmese.

  • BREED TYPE:  Natural
  • BODY TYPE:  Cobby
  • COAT TYPE:  Longhair
  • SIZE:  Medium to large (8-12 pounds)
  • TEMPERAMENT:  Active, faithful and undemanding.  Good with children.  Highly intelligent.  Prone to be curious.
  • COLORS:  Cream, red, lilac, blue, chocolate, seal, seal tortie, seal lynx, seal tortie lynx, blue lynx point.

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