Black Russian Terrier

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Black Russian Terriers from Blackberry Kennels

The Black Russian Terrier was bred to guard and protect.  They are observant and suspicious of strangers.  But, most of all, they are family dogs.  Great with children and other pets.  This, however, is not your run of the mill Terrier, they can get to be well over 100 pounds.  The Black Russian will want to be in your house when you’re in the house, or alongside you when you’re out.  Socialize it early to set some standards that you can live with as the dog reaches full size (100 pound plus dogs are harder to kick out of the bed than a 20 pound puppy).  It is OK for an apartment but, again, don’t lose sight of how big it will get.  They enjoy exercise and games and need to be walked daily.  The Black Russian should be brushed at least weekly.

The Black Russian Terrier Club of America can be reached at 640 E 11th St Suite 1 W, New York, NY  10009, 212-228-1995

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Wiry, wavy Weekly Part of the family.

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