This article was written for Pet Guardian Angels of America by Mikkie Mills



Animal blogs are awesome. Who doesn’t love a good photo of a cute doggo and a fun
story? However, much like kids and pets, blogs are not trouble-free. They are constantly
evolving, and require a lot of attention. Here are some digital tools you should be using.

Collect and Analyze Your Data

A blog has a lot of data that needs to be dealt with. From customer information, to
website security, to sales and engagement, you need somewhere to store and access
the data.

This is where a good data catalog comes into play. With a catalog of your data,
everyone in your business can access it when they need to. That way, design,
programming, and everything else becomes faster and easier. If it’s just you running the
blog, then it makes your work even more streamlined.

Scalable Web Hosting

As your blog grows, you need to upgrade your servers . This way, the information on
your site can reach your users faster. After all, people today have limited patience. If it
takes too long to load, they will simply go to the next blog.

You can get “rolling” web hosting that has a pay-as-you-go pricing model. The benefit
here is that you aren’t paying for any servers that you don’t need ahead of time. It allows
you to scale up in a lean way at the exact moment that you need more resources.

Marketing Software

Marketing is essential to any website, especially a blog. When you have great
marketing, you will enjoy a more target message that reaches the right customers.
Software can help you achieve this without wasting time.

The right marketing software allows you to automate certain processes. For instance,
instead of your marketing team manually sending out emails or social media posts, they
can create them all in one batch. Then, they can select the right settings so that your
marketing goes out on a determined schedule without the need for human
management. Thus, your team is freed up to focus on your higher level issues in the

Web Security

Hackers today are smarter than ever. Not only that, but they have access to resources
that make hacking easy for a beginner. And if you think that you won’t be targeted, then
you are wrong.

It is not just large corporations that experience cyber crime and theft. Anyone with
customer data, user information, or a website in general could be targeted. Once they
get into your system, they can exploit code to hold your site for ransom, steal data, or
sabotage your blog.

To combat this, make sure you have modern firewalls and anti-scripting technology built
into your site. This prevents outside actors from accessing crucial passwords and other
details that allow them to change your site from the inside out.

Responsive Templates

More and more people are accessing the web through their mobile devices than ever
before, especially when reading blogs. While you might be using a computer to change
and update your blog, your viewers are probably using their iPhones. If your site does
not display correctly, they could jump ship out of frustration. Once that happens, you
might lose them forever.

To prevent this from happening, have a proper responsive mobile sit. All it takes today
is to use the right template. There are plenty available for free. However, if you have
enough resources you can save time by paying for platforms that remove a lot of the leg
work for your blog.


Running a blog is like running with a dog – it comes with its fair share of challenges. As
you leverage the right digital tools, you should see a boost in views, revenue, and
success. Implement the tips above and enjoy better results than ever from your site,
and watch as it continues to grow.

Mikkie Mills, is a freelance writer who often writes about family, home improvements and the occasional DIY project.