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Bolognese photos and profile were provided by Marsha at Renaissance Bolognese

The Bolognese is a breed belonging to the Bichons, a family of small companion breeds originating from the Mediterranean.

This enchanting breed has timeless appeal.. The Bolognese have been making the lives of people more complete for centuries. Italian Nobility made the breed especially famous by giving puppies to friends during the Renaissance. They were celebrated as one of the most appreciated royal gifts that the aristocracy exchanged.

Bolognese are intelligent, loyal, and perceptive. They are very gentle, and require much human contact. A Bolognese wants to be an interactive part of the family, and enjoys being included in family activities. They are not suitable for households where the family is gone 40 hrs. each week.

In general, Bolognese get along well with children, but need to be protected from the enthusiastic outbursts of love and affection from younger children who may inadvertently harm the dog.

The coat of the Bolognese is cotton soft tufts of white. Some champagne color may appear in the coat of the puppies, which will change to a pure white by adulthood.

To prevent tangles and to look their best, Bolognese require a daily combing. They are considered a non-shedding dog, and so make excellent companions for those persons who suffer from allergies.

Bolos love balls; tug of war (gently); racing in circles; jumping and dancing on their hind legs. Bolognese do not require a lot of exercise, yet love agility challenges, and short romps with their owners. They are satisfied to snuggle down on the couch after a short play time. They adapt well to apartment living.

As with all pups, socialization will develop confidence in your Bolognese. This is important with this breed because they do sometimes tend to be a bit aloof with strangers.

Average Height(“‘s)
Average Weight (#’s)
Notes for owners
Close companion
Long and curley Daily brushing Should go for a daily walk.  Minimal shedding.


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