The Bombay has a strong, firm and muscular body with dense jet-black hair, short to medium in length — Patent Leather.  Black nose and pads.  A “small” panther.  The shape of its head is semi-wedge with no sharp edges.  Its ears are rounded, and its enormous eyes will be copper or gold in color.  Short muzzle, not pugged. Little grooming is required.

  • BREED TYPE:  Man-made
  • BODY TYPE:  Semi-foreign
  • COAT TYPE:  Shorthair
  • SIZE:  Medium (8 to 11 pounds)
  • TEMPERAMENT:  Active, smart, watchful.  Seeks affection.  Can be vocal.  Some play fetch.  Wants to be the dominant cat in the house, and may take better to dogs than other cats.  The breed “for people who have always wante a panther, a dog, or a monkey.”
  • COLORS:  Black down to its roots.

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