Bracco Italiano

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The photos are the courtesy of the Cerca Trova Kennels

The Bracco Italiano, or Italian Pointer, is a large and strong hunting dog that is best suited for an experienced owner. They are very intelligent, even-tempered and adaptable.  They are great with children but you would need to recognize that their size may be too much for a smaller child.  They do get along with other family dogs and will accept non-canine pets if they were raised with them as a pup.  The Bracco Italiano wants to be part of the family’s activities indoors and out.

This breed needs to be exercised both mentally (games or hunting), and physically such as swimming and jogging.  Left to its own devices the breed will invent its own mental challenges by finding ways to “hunt” on its own.  This could cause considerable problems once you try to regain control.  The Bracco is highly trainable, but can be slightly stubborn if he thinks there’s not a good reason for doing as you ask.  Since he’s also very sensitive the trainer must be more intelligent than the dog in order to put forth your agenda and have him accept it. They have very instinctive and intelligent hunting capabilities with the physical capability to remain active in the field all day.

Average Height(“‘s)
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Notes for owners
Short and glossy Weekly brushing Regular physical exercise plus mental challenge


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