Bragging Dogs

Things Dogs Brag About


by Kevin Myers on October 1, 2012

There is no doubt in my mind that dogs keep tally. They are especially proud of their accomplishments in the field of training and frustrating humans.  The more outlandish they can get us to behave, the higher their status within the doggy world. Sometimes it’s as if they are all competing in the “Causing the Best Human Double Take” Oscar category.

Following are just a few things my dogs brag about…

  • The speed at which they can de-squeak a stuffy
  • The number of times they can get a human to open a patio door in a 5 minute period
  • How long they can get a human to follow them around with paper towels while they pretend vomit
  • Who has the most undetectable escape route from the backyard
  • Not being touched by the human with the towel when coming in from a muddy backyard
  • Number of times they can get a human to vacuum in a 24 hour period
  • Who has the fewest number of baths during the year
  • Most embarrassing trick (to their human) they’ve ever pulled in company
  • Number of times they can get their human to say their name in an exasperated tone in a day
  • Most foul thing they’ve ever rolled in
  • Most flamboyant “We’re going for a walk!” dance
  • Most creative after bath rolling ritual


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