Bringing the Cat Indoors

How to Bring an Outdoor Cat Indoors


Most pet specialists and veterinarians would agree that the safest place for your cat is inside your home. It’s the best way to keep them safe from other animals, as well as from harmful fleas and ticks. It’s not always an easy transition for a cat to come inside, but these steps will be helpful in reaching your goal.

Step 1: Wait until the weather cools outside to bring your cat indoors. Your cat will be much more comfortable with the change in scenery once it realizes the comforts that come with being indoors. Once you’ve decided to bring the cat indoors, choose a day and then bring him inside. Essentially, cut him off ‘cold turkey’ from the outdoors. Don’t feel too guilty, Step 5 will have him returning for supervised visits.)

Step 2: You’ll want to protect your furniture by trimming your cat’s claws. You’ll also need to keep a very clean litter box and you’ll need to train your cat to use it properly.

Step 3: Provide plenty of opportunities for mental and physical stimulation for your cat. You should purchase a scratching post and a cat condo for him to use and explore. You should also have toys, balls and items for him to run and chase. Many cats like to play hide and seek with their toys and this is a nice game to stimulate your pet.

Step 4: Set aside a lot of time for interacting with your cat. He is accustomed to relative freedom outdoors and will need to be trained to interact appropriately with humans indoors. Time well spent should include play time, as well as grooming and providing physical affection.

Step 5: Leash train your cat and take him for outdoor excursions. Expect him to resist the leash at first but with patience, he will come around. Set aside a time each day that you will spend exploring parts of the yard or the neighborhood.

Step 6: If necessary, build an outdoor enclosure or a cat run that your cat can access through a cat door.

Step 7: If your lifestyle allows for it, you might consider getting a companion for your newly adapted indoor cat. He might enjoy having a dog or cat to play with and it would certainly ease the transition from the outdoors.

The transition period of moving a cat indoors can be tricky and time consuming. Just remember, being indoors is the safest place for your cat and you’re acting in his best interests by bringing him inside.

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