Buying Your Pet’s Meds Online

Pet Meds On-line


Taking care of your pet requires more than simply walking and feeding them. Animals get sick too, and need as much care and love as humans do. The problem is that modern living can make getting the right pet meds a little awkward, and often some special time has to be set aside to get all that is needed to be done, done.

In many cases, the cat medicine that is needed is easily available without the need for any prescription signed by your vet, products like flea and tick powders, treatments to help digestion and even some behavioral medicines. It is a similar situation with dog medicine, or medication for small pets, birds and even larger animals like horses. In fact, the list of medicines for animals available over the internet is quite substantial.

While it is always necessary to check the reputation of online stores before purchasing, there is no doubting the advantages that they have. We have put together a list of just three such advantages, namely speed, convenience and savings, but there are many more.

Speed It might seem that going to a local vet and getting the medication your pet needs is a chore that takes just a couple of hours out of the day. This might well be true, but only when the vet has the required medication in stock. In the case where they are out of stock, the waiting period can be as long as a week, but online stores are heavily stocked, ensuring that what is needed is always available. Because of the express delivery services that these stores use, the waiting period of an order to be delivered to your door can be as short as just twenty four hours. And given that many pet owners only have the time to get to the vet outside normal working hours, it might be the weekend before anything can be done. So, technically, delivery is faster online as well as providing more convenience.

Convenience The convenience is considerable. The simple fact of the matter is that life is too busy for every little thing to be done immediately. Heading to the vets is more than just a matter of having an expert look at the condition of your dog, cat or hamster. It also involves traveling time, waiting in the surgery waiting room, the time taken to examine the animal and, often, the time taken for tests to come back from the lab. What this means is that the journey to a vets surgery can be something of an expedition, but the demands of work and modern life can mean making room in a schedule and waiting until then to get things done. Most of the time the treatment required does not need a prescription, and in these cases, all that is needed is to place a simple order. This is where an online pet medication store is so beneficial. Once the pet owner knows what products they want, they can simply browse, select and buy in the comfort of their own home, and at the time that is most convenient to them.

Savings Finally, as with every online store, there are significant savings to be made by ordering online. Some people believe that this raises issues over the quality of the medication available, but the bargain prices are actually down to a program of bulk buying and lower overheads. Online stores do not have the same expenses that high street shops have, with no premises to maintain, lower every day expenses, no rent and usually less staff to pay too. These savings can then be passed on to the pet owner when they buy their pet meds from the online store. The fact that the store has no physical restrictions, with their potential customers located everywhere within a country or region, not just in one city, means that it has a far larger customer base. Therefore, bulk purchasing is bigger and the cost of each item is smaller.

What all this means is that cat medicine, for example, can be had at perhaps 50 per cent the price normally charged by vets and high street pet shops. It also means that a wider range of dog medicine can be offered than could be in a regular shop.

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