Cane Corso

Working Group – AKC Foundation Stock Service (FSS)

Photos, and editing of the below profile, are the courtesy of  Apex Cane Corso Italiano

The Cane Corso is traditionally a loyal protector of property and hunter of difficult game such boer.  Because it is a large breed it requires socialization and training at an early age.  The breed will challenge an owner to become the “Alpha dog”, so the owner must be strong and consistent in leadership.  Once the Alpha is established it will not continue its challenge.  When socialized he does well with children and seems to understand their helplessness.  It will get along with other dogs with which it was raised but may not be so forgiving to unknown dogs.  It will not back down from a challenge.  The Cane Corso needs exercise such as long walks, jogging and swimming.  It would be grateful for a 30-45 minute “burst of energy” in a fenced enclosure or working environment not incumbered by a leash or an owner’s inability to keep pace.  It is not recommended for apartment life, but does well with a family if allowed to be a full participant in the family’s life.  The Cane Corso seldom barks except to alert.  It is a moderate shedder.

Average Height(“‘s)
Average Weight (#’s)
Notes for owners
24-27 1/2
Impressive, yet docile and affectionate to his family.
Short, course and thick Minimal, moderate shedder Needs a strong “Alpha” owner.  Should have a safe area to run.


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