Canine Foot Care

Take time to care for your dog’s paws


October 5, 2013 posted by Sara B. Hansen

By Nancy Cope

If you’ve ever taken a glance at the bottom of your dog’s paws, you’ve probably taken note that they’re a bit rough looking.

The reason for their worn appearance is obviously due to the daily amount of wear-and-tear that they endure.

Dogs are always on the go – running, playing, walking, etc. They walk all over every type of surface imaginable from hot pavement to paved driveways.

It’s very important to help maintain the health of your pup’s paws in order to help maintain comfort and prevent possible permanent damage to their feet.

Although your dog’s paws were made for wear-and-tear, they’re not as tough as you might think. The moment you sit down to handle your pup’s paws you’ll notice that they become increasingly uncomfortable. The key to helping them calm down is to simply communicate with them in a soft, soothing voice. Let them know that everything is okay because chances are they’re going to be a little jumpy.

Paw balm and lotion

Your pup’s paws will become cracked and dry over time. If something is not done about this, they’ll begin to bleed. Unfortunately, unless you know what is wrong, you may notice your pooch whimpering about what seems to be nothing at all. Oftentimes, their paws are in pain.

Fortunately, you can purchase puppy paw balm and lotion online as well as at a local pet store. There are several types of paw balm to choose from including scented and non-scented. There are also extra-moisturizing balms and lotions you can apply as well.

Cleaning in between toes

Cleaning in between your pup’s toes may not be the most exciting thing on your to-do list, but nevertheless, it must be done. If your dog spends a lot of time outside, don’t be surprised if he ends up with pieces of glass, small rocks and pebbles, sticks, and tons of dirt lodged in between his toes. If left unnoticed, bacteria can grow. If you’re dog cuts himself an open wound is the perfect breeding ground for disease. You can easily maintain your dog’s paws by cleaning them daily with a piece of tissue and removing any unwanted debris with a set of tweezers.

Paw massage

Dog owners love to pamper their pooches. The wonderful thing about dogs is that the more you love them, the more they love you back. Massaging your pup’s paws will not only help them to relax and help soothe any type of unwanted anxiety, but it will also increase overall circulation in their paws, which is a plus because it helps to aid in healing.

Practicing prevention is obviously the best method. However, because your dog needs time outside, don’t assume that there isn’t a lot that you can do, because there is. You can control the items in your yard as well as where your dog goes.

Walk around to ensure that there aren’t a lot of rocks or any pieces of glass lying around. In addition, try to refrain from letting your pup outside during times when the weather is smoldering hot in order to prevent burns.

Nancy Cope is the owner of four rescue dogs and Pampered Dog Gifts.

This article is posted and shared with the permission of Sara Hansen of Dog’s Best Life