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Become “Leader of the Pack”

How to become the “Leader of the Pack” is one of the most important, and often asked questions I get. For anyone that has not had a puppy or dog before, learning pack leadership is something you can, and should learn before you even adopt a puppy. Understanding the Owner/Pet relationship will make the difference in how well your pet is trained.

If your puppy is left to his or her own resources they will naturally try to take the Leader of the Pack position. They do this because their natural instinct is that someone has must be in charge, and if you don’t assume this role, your dog will. Now, not all dogs like being the leader of the pack. A timid dog will take on the role because to him it is necessary, because in a dog’s mind there must be a leader, but this can also cause him to become stressed out, because he really doesn’t want to be the leader.

Just how do you become the pack leader? All canines, no matter the breed use the same process to decide the pack leader.

Dominating your dog is absolutely not the way to being the pack leader.

In fact, this could backfire on you later. Simply asking your dog to sit before his meal does not make you the pack leader, or even going through the doorway before you puppy does will not make you the pack leader either. Although these are things you will do as part of the leadership role. The process a puppy or dog looks for is a person that will be a kind, calm, and benevolent leader. You will need to get the respect of your puppy or dog, so he or she accepts you as “The Pack Leader”.

In the mind of a dog this is earned through good communication, and trust, not through domination or bullying your pet.

Asking your puppy to sit before his or her feeding time is part of the plan, but there is a lot more to truly being the pack leader.

When your puppy barks, to alert you to danger: this consists of anything that your puppy might regard as harmful in or around your home. A pack leader will be in control of their emotions, and offer a calming command.

Your canine ought to be able to switch off, and relax when he or she is inside your home, as the pack leader, you will be able to give a command for this to happen. When your puppy is constantly excited, and doesn’t relax then that is your puppy acting as the pack leader.

When you come home, and your puppy is running up to jump all over you, that is your puppy being the leader of the pack. In order to shift that task to you, you will need to have a calm emotional state. Do not react to your puppy’s behavior when he acts this way. Turn your back until he or she is calm, and only offer petting once your puppy is calm and relaxed.

When it comes to feeding your puppy, as a leader of the pack you should require a sit, and be sure he or she is relaxed, and waits to be released from this position before eating. If your puppy is not food motivated this could present a new set of issues.

There is one website that reveals to you through the use of video clips – precisely the way to becoming the pack leader. You will also begin to understand just how vital being a good pack leader will help to transform your puppy into a well behaved, and well adjusted pet.

In order to realize how you can be the pack leader, you need to acknowledge that it really has absolutely nothing to do with your puppy. Being a pack leader starts and ends with you.

Your puppy doesn’t care what kind of car you drive, the size of your home, the money you earn, or that you talk 7 different languages! Your puppy would gladly trade all that for a great treat! Always keep in mind that canines have a simple perspective about life, as we know it.

Watch this awesome video clip and you will be well on your way to understanding what you need to do, and learn to become your puppy’s “Leader of the Pack”.

Pack Leader Video
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I hope this helps you to understand the importance of being “The Leader of the Pack”.

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