Canine Shedding Heavier Than Normal

Your Dog Sheds and Has Bald Spots


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Depending on the breed it can shed a little or a lot either way doesn’t mean there is something wrong with your dog.

What we have noticed is that indoor dogs shed a bit more than outdoor pets and that’s due to lights and other forms of electricity throwing off their shed cycle but if your dog is shedding more than usual or more than you think the breed should its time for a vet visit and more than likely its due to bad diets, bladder and or kidney infections.

Bald spots should concern you and these may be signs of fleas or a mite infestation. Other serious shedding is most likely due to hormone imbalances due to bad dog feeding diets and necessary vitamins will put your dog back to a healthy state of life

Eczema can be found In aging dogs animals and mixed breeds, body chemistry changes with time and acts in ways we don’t know when cross breeding. Eczema is Inflammation in skin which causes skin to dry up and usually you’ll start to see patches in this occurrence shots and or change in feed becomes a necessary. (Vitamins will be needed like A and Vitamin E)

Eczema that is caused by fleas or mites usually are accompanies by red spots and should of course be looked at by a Vet but you will need to remove the flea or mite infestation and proceed accordingly as the Vet prescribes.

Red Mange or Sarcoptic are also reason why your pets will have severe hair loss and bald spots.

  • Sarcoptic Mange is best described by the odor accompanied by blisters or red little dots and can be treated by your Vet thru a bath solution.
  • Demodectic Red Mange is the worse one where the mites go after the follicles of pups. a different family of mites that burrows into the hair follicles and most often attacks young puppies. Some puppies will be born with Red Mange and your Vet will prescribe meds and expect this one to take a while to heal (I pray this is not the case for those worried about hair loss and patches on their dogs.)

Ringworms can also be the cause of hair lost and its often described as a round ring shape. Its highly contagious and your vet will prescribe antifulgal bath solutions and Iodine applications.

Allow Your Vet To Diagnose The Issue

When your dog is shedding more than usual or more than its breed should be shedding its usually the symptoms of another problem that you need your Vet to diagnose, (usually done by micro scope testing of skin cells) and remember your dog will shed but always be on the safe side when you think its more than usual and consult your Veterinarian.

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