Canine Shock

What to do if Your DOG is in SHOCK


First of all, WHAT IS SHOCK?  Shock is a series of physiological responses to an injury, trauma, or accident.  It is a state of collapse, that is, the body’s circulatory system begins to shut down. Severe damage, even death, can result.  Severe stress caused by injury, auto accident, infection, heat prostration, dehydration, or blood loss, any of these can put your DOG into SHOCK.Some signs that your DOG may be in SHOCK are a rapid heartbeat; little or irregular pulse; and the body temperature will be below the normal level. Check your DOG’S mouth-the tongue may appear curled and gums will be pale, almost a gray color.

If you believe your DOG is in SHOCK, QUICK ACTION IS ESSENTIAL. Call your VET immediately to say that you ARE transporting your DOG; THEN GO!!! (If you have someone to be your “driver” you will be free to assist your DOG during the trip.)  Intravenous fluids and other medications must be administered as soon as possible, so get your DOG to the VET as soon as possible.

If there is an apparent wound use first aid procedures to clean and dress.  Be sure to keep your DOG warm as loss of body heat when body temperature may already be low, only increases the severity of the situation.

TALK to your DOG. . . KEEPING your DOG AND yourself CALM is essential.

(Based on information contained in The Illustrated Veterinary Guide for Dogs, Cats, Birds, and Other Exotic Pets. By Dr. Chris C. Pinney, DVM.Published by Tab Books)