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Published July 16, 2013 | By Terry

Being part of your family, your pets health is very important to you. There are a few things you need to pay attention to and be aware of to make sure your pet stays happy and healthy during the summer heat.

Its important that your pet stays well hydrated. In the summer heat, it won’t take much to make then dehydrated. This problem is made worse when your pet has a thick coat of hair. It’s important to make sure your pet has fresh water and to keep an eye on the waster bowl to make sure it stays filled. All members of the family can help make sure the water bowl, inside and outside, stays filled at all times. If outside, be sure to have water available for your pets.

When the heat is extreme, you must be sure to limit the amount of exercise they get outside.  It’s important they still get their exercise to maintain general health but when there are heat warnings, consider other options such as to shorten the time of your walk or break it up into two halves.  I like to walk my dogs early in the morning. For some, late evening is a good option.

It is also a good idea to stick close to your home when the heat is extreme. This allows you to be close to help in case assistance is needed. If you like to hike with your dog and there is a problem help can be a long ways off.

Always be observant of your pets actions and behaviors. When you’re making your decisions it’s important to think about the health of your pet.  If your pet is very old, you’ll need to be extra careful.  Older pets and especially dogs that are outside, require more hydration and rest, and will need to stay inside during extreme heat. Being outside is a little easier on younger dogs but be very careful and make sure they have shade. Younger dogs can handle these changes more easily, but again be careful as extreme heat can be dangerous for all animals or people.

Another concerns and tip is to be sure to check for ticks.  These are tiny insects that latch onto your dog’s skin and can carry diseases like Lyme’s disease.  They are very common in the warm weather, especially if you have a wooded area around your home.  Search through your pet’s fur daily and remove the tick carefully with tweezers.

Please don’t make the deadly mistake I see too often of leaving your pet inside of a car.  It does NOT matter whether your windows are cracked or not.  A car is like an over that can quickly register over 100 degrees.  This can create a deadly situation and a whole lot of trouble for your beloved pet.

Above all else, be sure to use common sense during the summer or in any severe weather conditions.  This advise alone will help eliminate the need for an emergency visit to the vet.  This will help keep your pet happy and healthy and give you peace of mind.

Yours in Health,

Michael Goldman

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