Cat Nutrition


This resource was provided to Pet Guardian Angels of America by Cary Teller

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Ensure Your Cat Has Proper Nutrition

Whether you are a veteran cat owner or you are just getting a feline to add to your family, it is important to be educated on every aspect of taking care of your cat. One of the most integral factors for a healthy pet is their nutrition and diet. Here are some essential tips for making sure that your cat eats properly and has the ideal ingredients in their food.

Research Specific Diet Requirements

Sometimes if you have a cat that is a certain breed or age, it may require a specified dietary regimen. For example, if you are allergic to cat fur and you bring home a hairless breed, you need to give them special food because their digestive systems are more sensitive than normal cats. Some brands, such as nutra thrive cat, contain ingredients designed to ensure your cat’s health and wellbeing. Additionally, kittens, regular adult cats, and seniors all have different types of food that will best benefit their age group.

Determine Which Brand is Best For Your Cat

Choosing a brand of cat food can seem overwhelming if you do not know what you are looking for. Be sure to do thorough research on brands and what ingredients they include in their food. For example, go with a brand that includes more whole ingredients and follows basic dietary requirements for peak nutrition. Some brands also contain more protein, more fiber, or other specifications. If your cat has health issues, talk to your veterinarian before switching their food.

Many vet offices offer specific brands that address a variety of health issues common with felines, so it may be best to get your food directly from your veterinarian’s office, rather than going to a store.

Read Food Labels Thoroughly

It is important to know the ingredients that go into cat food, so that you can determine the nutritional value that a type of food has for your feline. Cats have a diet that consists primarily of protein, so make sure that the food label contains protein and not substitutes, such as protein fillers. You may also need to check for taurine, and a variety of other minerals, nutrients, and vitamins that will provide your pet with the best nutrition possible. If your pet has special dietary requirements, then it is doubly important to make sure that the food will not be harmful to their digestive system.

Give Treats Sparingly

Although it is gratifying to offer your cat treats for training purposes, or even simply for exhibiting good behavior, you should research how much is appropriate to avoid your cat getting sick or rapidly gaining weight. Many treat brands have a recommended amount on the side of the bag or container, so it is best to stick with that. Inform your family members that the cat is only allowed a certain number of treats per day, to prevent over-feeding. If your cat is on a special diet, consult your veterinarian, as treats may have a much more negative effect, depending on what ingredients they contain.

Make a Feeding Schedule

Sometimes cats can feed freely during the day and not have issues, but more often than not, cats thrive off of a dedicated food schedule. It is recommended that cats be fed at least twice a day, so try to incorporate feeding times for your animal into meal times for you. For example, feed your cat breakfast when you eat breakfast, and dinner when your family is sitting down to eat. Many cats who suffer from weight issues benefit immensely from timed feedings. It is also a good way to track exactly what your cat is eating, and how much of it, so you can give the information to your veterinarian.

You do not have to be worried about how to feed your new feline friend. With this information, you will be able to make an informed and educated decision on what is best to feed your cat.  Your furry family member will be healthy and balanced for years to come.

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