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4 Benefits Of Cat Trees For Your Cat

Most of the time, we often think that cat trees are decorative items we must have in our houses when we have cats. These pieces of furniture can do more than be cute in the house. They help the cat exercise, especially if the cat likes to stay indoors all the time. Domestic pets also need to exercise to stay healthy, and if they don’t like to go outside or if you don’t have trees in your compound then a cat tree is the perfect alternative to ensure your cat remains in great shape. Other than climbing, the tree also gives the cat a scratching surface. Which, in return, helps protect your furniture as well as a place for them to stretch. Even if your cat loves to play outside, having a tree to extend their playtime inside is a great idea. If you are still wondering why getting a cat tree is worth it. Then the following reasons will help you out.

1. Guaranteed workout sessions

Cats portray different behaviours. Some are usually very active, but others are very lazy. Even if you have multiple cats, you may notice that one of them may like to jump around the house or go outside frequently. The other may like to lie on the couch and sleep through most of the day. By having a tree inside, you’ll be encouraging the lazy cat to exercise, and that will benefit their health. Cats are curious naturally. When you bring the new toy, they will be attracted to it and will try to explore the tree. In the process, they will love it and start jumping around.

2. Climbing surface

Even the laziest indoor cat likes to climb. That’s why sometimes you’ll find them climbing your furniture or kitchen surfaces. Most of the time, they piss you off when they do that. By bringing in a cat tree, you’ll be giving them an acceptable place to climb, and they will stop damaging everything around the house. It’s advisable to find out your cats climbing needs before buying a tree. The trees come in different heights, and some cats love higher surfaces than others. If your cat doesn’t like very tall trees you can buy a shorter one and vice versa.

3. Possession

A cat tree gives the cat a safe place to play. They will feel comfortable with the assurance that is the one place they will not be yelled at or reprimanded because they have scratched it. In return, you also get to own your furniture again. You won’t have to worry about the damages caused by your cat. You will have your space and will be happier. If you have two cats, a cat tree is one of the best ways of ensuring they stop fighting all the time. You’ll find one of the cats dominating one part of the tree, leaving the other part for the other cat. For instance, one cat will spend a lot of time on the higher surface of the tree, leaving the lower part for the other cat.

Cats also love to nap a lot, and they tend to choose very cosy places to do so. The problem with them occupying your furniture or your bed is that sometimes they leave their fur on those surfaces, including your carpet. A tree is a perfect solution. Some cat trees for large cats have hammocks that offer very comfortable napping places for the cat, but even those that don’t have those features will be great alternatives to your furniture. If you buy a tree, you will find your cat napping most of the time.

4. Scratching surface

Just like climbing and stretching, cats also love to scratch surfaces. Some trees have scratching surfaces designed on them, but others don’t. Either way, your cat will love a place where they can freely release their stress without worrying about making their owners mad.


Cat trees are available in different designs at different prices. You can choose the perfect one to suit your cat’s needs, but the most important factors you should be considering are the ones discussed above. The tree should have a scratching surface and a comfortable surface for the cat to nap and relax when they need to. Most importantly, the tree will be the cat’s property, and that will make them very happy.

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