Cats In The Pool


This article was written for Pet Guardian Angels of America by Mikkie Mills


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Swimming With Your Cats

Swimming is a fun summer activity for the whole family, and sometimes your pets as well. When you have a backyard pool you might find that your dogs and even some cats like playing in it as much as you do. Pool installation professionals can help you determine which features are the
best for your pool. Before you get started building your backyard pool however, you will want to know some general pool tips, why some cats will swim with you and some safety tips for the cats who do.

Some General Pool Tips

There are some general tips that you should consider when looking to buy or build a pool for your home such as where can you find pool finance options, how a pool will affect your homeowners insurance rates and which features your family will make the most use of. Some features you will want to keep in mind include safety features such as no-slip materials for the
surround and a secure cover for when the pool is not in use.

A good way to determine all three of these things, as well as others, is to find a local pool company and schedule an interview or estimate. This way you can go over all your options for financing and features with a professional and know what information to take you’re your insurance company and determine how that will change.

Some Cats Will Love It

Most of the time, cats will not enjoy being in any type of water, whether it is the pool, or you are giving them a bath. This is because they are mostly found in dry areas and have never really developed an affinity for water or a need to swim. However, if you start acclimatizing your cats to water as kittens, then some will start to love swimming and playing in the water.

Even if your cat hates being in the water, he or she will probably love playing with water features because of the way that the light interacts with the water. If you have a fishpond in your yard, then you will probably find your cats trying to catch a meal, even if the fish are printed on a decorative tile instead of swimming around in the water.

Some Safety Tips for Cats

Just like with humans around swimming pools, there are some key safety issues to address when having a home pool and pet cats. One of the biggest dangers is cats who do not know how to swim. While you are teaching your pets to swim, it is a good idea to have an alarm and cover for your pool as well as keeping an eye on pets when they are outside. This can keep the
chances of a drowning accident low.

It is also a good idea to invest in some cat sized safety features such as a life vest to help him or her learn how to swim better without accidents. You should keep a dish of fresh water near the pool, so the cat does not drink the chemical laden pool water. Giving kitty a bath after swimming can keep the chemicals from hurting his or her skin as well as reduce the amount
ingested through self-bathing, and thoroughly drying out the cat’s ears can help avoid dangerous infections in those sensitive areas.

Having a backyard pool is great for the whole family — even some pets. Pools need safety features to help with the cost of homeowner’s insurance as well as keep both pets and humans safe around the water. When you have cats, whether you want to take them swimming or not, it is a good idea to know how to keep them safe around the pool with accessories like life vests and freshwater drinking bowls. You can also find tips and tricks for teaching your cat how to swim, how to bathe and dry your cat after the pool and much more through your vet or your favorite pet care websites.

Mikkie Mills, is a freelance writer who often writes about family, home improvements and the occasional DIY project.