CBD Oil and Your Dog


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Things to Know About CBD Oil and Its Effects on Dogs

Thanks to numerous studies, it has been found that CBD oil is highly beneficial to our health. That’s why a lot of people around the globe have started taking CBD for anxiety and pain relief, skin inflammation and acne, and to treat other health conditions. Some of them use it only as a supplement, to boost their health.

Following this trend among people, pet owners have also decided to try it on their dogs. As they claim, CBD oil helps their dogs with joint pain, gut issues, and anxiety among the other conditions. According to their claims, this oil affects dogs the same/similar way it affects humans. And, since many people wonder about how CBD oil works for dogs, we have compiled a short guide on the things you should know about this topic. So, let’s have a look at it.


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How Does CBD Oil Affect Dogs?

CBD oil has many health benefits for humans. But, it has been reported that it also helps dogs. And, the most intriguing part is that it affects dogs the same or almost the same way it affects humans. But how is this possible?

In order to understand this, let’s start from the way it affects humans. As it’s known, CBD oil contains cannabinoids, which are extracted from cannabis. These cannabinoids are the same as the endocannabinoids in our bodies. Therefore, when CBD enters our body, it connects to the endocannabinoids and affects their function, with that, the function of the endocannabinoid system.

But, what’s the connection between dogs and humans? It’s the endocannabinoid system. Believe it or not, all mammals have an endocannabinoid system, just like humans. That means CBD oil works the same way in dogs as it works in humans.

The Health Benefits of CBD Oil for Dogs

If we follow the fact that CBD affects dogs as it affects humans, it means that it has the same or similar health benefits on dogs as it has on humans. Therefore, it helps relieve pain, anxiety and stress, nausea, improves appetite, helps reduce seizures, and helps with gastrointestinal issues. And, although this area is not much studied, there are some studies which show promising results.

One study has shown that CBD oil can reduce joint pain in dogs that suffer from osteoarthritis and improve their mobility. During the study, dogs were given 2 to 8 mg of CBD per kg of body weight. The results showed reduced pain and improved mobility in 80% of the dogs. However, more studies are needed in order to get more information on all the benefits of CBD oil for dogs.

Probably, the most important thing when it comes to using CBD oil as treatment is that it’s safe. And, we can’t say that for conventional medications, which usually damage the gastrointestinal tract, liver, and kidney. This is because most CBD oil products don’t contain or contain a very low amount of THC, which doesn’t harm the dog’s health.


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How to Give CBD Oil to Your Dog?

The Type of Product

There are different CBD products for dogs, such as treats, tinctures, and topical creams. But, that doesn’t mean that all work the same. This is because each type of product reacts differently, in terms of reaction time. Plus, it depends on the health condition you want to treat.

For instance, tinctures act the fastest because they are directly absorbed by the body. But, a topical cream might be a better choice if you want to relieve joint pain. A good example of this is one study conducted on dogs with epilepsy which showed that CBD oil was more effective when given orally than as a topical cream or gen capsule. So, you should consider these things when choosing a CBD oil product for your dog.

The Dosage

In terms of the dosage, there isn’t enough evidence to prove the exact dosage per each health condition. According to the study on dogs with osteoarthritis, the most effective dose was 2 kg per kg of body weight. However, this shouldn’t be taken for granted since there aren’t other studies to confirm it.

Therefore, if you decide to give CBD oil to your dog, you should first consult with a vet. If they can’t help you, you should start with the smallest dose and monitor your dog. If there’s no reaction, you can increase it a bit, until your dog reacts.

Although there aren’t many studies on CBD’s effect on dogs, a lot of dog owners give it to their dogs. And, if you want to do the same, you should ensure the safety of your dog. In order to do that, you should buy a CBD oil product that is organic, from a reputable brand and comes with a third-party analysis report.