Cesky Terrier

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Photos courtesy of  Ridley Cesky Terriers

The Cesky Terrier is a cross of the Sealyham and Scottish Terriers and is also known as the Czech Terrier or Bohemian Terrier.  It is a happy dog that is good with children.  They are more trainable than other terrier breeds and handle very well.  Like all dogs it is important that you socialize the Cesky to be around different people and different life situations. They get along with people and strangers as well as other family pets, although you may want to keep a watch on hamster and guinea pig-types.  They certainly are terriers and exhibit all of the normal habits associated with the breed.  The Cesky enjoys walking and should get out every day.  It sheds very little.  It can suffer from seperation anxiety.

Average Height(“‘s)
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Notes for owners
Wavy and silky Weekly brushing to prevent tangles Good apratment dog who will “sound the alarm”.


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We STRONGLY recommend that you get your dog from a respectable breeder or rescue organization.  Pet store puppies may get their dogs from Puppy Mills that normally breed only for profit, not quality or concern for the puppy or its eventual owner.If you would like help locating a breeder or rescue agency near you please E-Mail PGAA ( ita408@comcast.net), and let us know your city/state and the type of dog you are looking for.  Do not assume that PGAA has qualified all of the breeders or rescues on this site.  Do your own check of each breeder or rescue — be sure that you are comfortable with the organization before you buy, adopt or turn-over a dog.