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Natural Dog Care Products


Cookie Moon Dog Spa Essentials. Using the most natural and organic ingredients COOKIE MOON gives your doggie a luxurious grooming experience that leaves their coat soft, shiby, clean and fluffy. Cookie scented.

Dog shampoo and pet shampoo. Natural dog shampoo and other dog grooming products! 100% Guaranteed products. Excellent for dry dog skin. Essential oil dog perfume, dog soap, pad balm, dog detangler, and dog gifts!

DOGA UNLEASHED   “…a revolutionary line of products that helps to integrate pets into people’s daily lives.”

FetchEarth “FetchEarth is committed to clean pets and a clean planet. Our products are safe, non-toxic, hand-made and packaged here in the USA using biodegradable and sustainable materials. Our feature product Undoos is a biodegradable pet waste bag and soft towel for cleaning up the back end and the sidewalk. Easy on your pet and easy on the planet. Watch our site for new products and promotions.”

Happy Pets Natural Remedies 978.398.4809 What can HPNR do for my pet? Help animals and people become more present and centered, to work through challenging situations and transitions, and to be more comfortable. Flower essences are safe and can be safely taken with food or medications. They cause no harmful side effects.

House Wolf K-9 Biscuits “Biscuits are great for your K-9 friends. Hard foods in their diet, such as biscuits and bones will give your pets a good way to exercise and clean their teeth and gums.”

Natures Select Pet Food Good dry Holistic dog food . We also offer Free home delivery in most States . Please mention my name “Joseph” if you are requesting a free report on your dog or a free sample of pet food. Online Luxury Dog Boutique is an online luxury boutique specializing in helping you spoil that special pampered pooch with the most stylish and upscale products around. We have hundreds of luxury items available and adding more products every day. You will find an assortment of luxury dog boutique items such as dog apparel, dog beds, dog carriers, dog collars, dog costumes, natural and organic dog food and treats, organic toys, dog strollers, plus many more luxury dog products.

Paws En Vogue Our products are organic, eco-friendly, recycled, non-toxic, or fair trade, because we care about the health and well-being of pets, the planet and of the people who make those products.

Pest Protection Pet Protector The Pet Protector Disc works on the following principal: it produces Scalar waves and creates an impenetrable, protective shield around the pet. Pet Protector’s Scalar waves are totally harmless to people and animals (they go absolutely undetected by humans and animals) and they are only effect against parasites, repelling them from the shielded area.

Reiki For All Creatures Our pets give us the gift of unconditional love everyday, and through Reiki we can restore peace, balance and happiness to their lives and the lives of all creatures.

Reiki Fur Babies Reiki for pets is a form of spiritual healing that helps harmonize the mind, body and soul of your pet. It can be used as a treatment for relaxation as well as a tool for releasing negative emotions and limitations.

Treatment for Pet Skin Conditions – Naturally Natural remedies for pet skin conditions. Our pet skin treatment is now available to distributors of wholesale pet supplies.

Silver Lining Herbs We believe health is a work in progress, and every day we make choices for ourselves and our animals that move us closer to, or away from, a state of optimal health. Make Silver Lining Herbs your daily giant step forward, just as some of the world’s most reputable veterinarians recommend.

YogiPet All Natural Pet Foods creates organic, homemade foods, treats and dried meats/fish for dogs and cats. YogiPet is real food…lean meats, fresh vegetable and tasty fruits. Also on Facebook at