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All in a Day’s Bark “…Here, you will find information on everything dog. Whether it is information on maintaining a healthy pet, funny videos, or reviews on the latest products, you will find it here.” Anti Dog Fighting.

Anti-DogFighting Campaign If you suspect dogfighting, you can contact the Anti-DogFighting Campaign Team for assistance and advice. You can send a message to the Anti-DogFighting Campaign’s Community Page or email us at:

BarkUpToday! “We’re passionate about dogs and wildlife and any furry four-legged friend, domestic or wild. From news to expert advice to fun activities with your furry friends, we paw out all the best k9 and wildlife news for you. This blog is brought to you by booksforever1″

Beagle Daily Articles, training tips, and news for beagle owners. – See more at:

BlogPaws An inclusive, global community of pet enthusiasts who write about and support pets via social media. We connect brands with pet parents and pet parents with each other.

Cold Nose News This blog (and the Cold Noses News Newsletter) were born out of – and are a testimonial to – my passion for dogs. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have in writing them.

ComsumerAffairs-Pets Finding competent, affordable care for your animal friends can be difficult, as some of the stories in this section illustrate. So can finding the right food and supplies to help your pet live a healthy, comfortable life. The best place to get a pet is from your local animal shelter or rescue group.

Dog Behavior “Our pets are always trying to communicate with us… the problem is sometimes the message gets lost in translation. “Beijo’s Corner” is here to be the solution for any Pet Challenge you may experiencing. Resulting in better Clarity, Harmony & balance in your relationships with your pets.”

Dogalize Dogalize is the free App for dogs’ owners that allows users to interact with all social networks sharing experiences and multimedia content such as posts, photos and videos about your dog, PLUS it uses geo-locating technology to help you find pet stores, groomers, trainers, vets, kennels, dog parks, shelters & rescues, restaurants, hotels, breeders and more all from the convenience of your smart device, wherever you may be in the world.

The Dog Connection TV “The Dog Connection TV connects Best Friends (Humans & Dogs). We’re here to help you build a special, lifelong relationship with your Dog. We want you to totally understand them and they understand you so you can be BEST FRIENDS FOREVER.”

Doggie Style TV is the ultimate online TV shows that will educate dog owners on everything they need to know to properly care for their Pet. Dogs Dating

DogsUnleashed “Delivering news, information and entertainment about pets and the people they own.” Also on Facebook (Quarterly Magazine and Blog) Dogs Helping Kids to Read – The Web’s #1 resource for all that is pet friendly in Florida

Fund Raising “…how can you come up with fundraising ideas that will inspire participation and donations to make an impact? Here’s a list of 100 unique fundraising ideas that are sure to get you started — or spark a new idea of your own.”

How Dogs Help Kids To help children become stronger readers through innovative and effective reading strategies and to teach children to become safe and compassionate dog companions.

I Love Pets “ is the best community for people to share their favorite experiences, photos, and videos of cats and dogs.”

Lick Magazine Lick Video Magazine is a lifestyle video magazine created to entertain, inspire and educate people with a passion for pets.

PawPassion We at have a deep abiding respect for the well-being and dignity of all living creatures. This site we dedicate exclusively to dogs and those who love dogs.

Paws’N Chat Paws’N Chat is a public forum. Please post what ever you want. You can share by selecting the group Paws’N Chat. This is a public group for you to share information.

Pets4kids What does owning a pet entail? How much will it cost you, both in money terms, and demands on your own time? What is the right pet for your child, and are they old enough to care for it properly? This site aims to guide you through the real costs of pet owning, and describes some of the most popular choices, their benefits and pitfalls.

Pet Animal Guide To help owners take the best possible care of their pets, I decided to create a website where I would share caring advice and product guides.

The Pet Community Make new furry friends – create a profile for your pet, upload pictures and videos!

The Pet God Pet blogs

Pets Happy Hour Pets Happy Hour was created from enthusiasm and love for pets, and animals in general. It’s intended for all who love interesting topics, stories, and novelties from the pets world. We hope Pets Happy Hour will entertain, inform and educate you.

PetPav Petpav is your on-line magazine for all things pet!

Pet Radio “…is a live broadcast and podcast about dogs, cats, and all pets in general. Our pet podcasts are fun and informative without an emphasis on glitz. We welcome hollywood celebrities, but focus on content first.”

Pets In Condos Citizens for Pets in Condos, Inc. educates the public on the health benefits of animal companionship and about responsible pet ownership in order to increase acceptance of companion animals in common interest ownership communities.

Tales and Tails Tales of a girl, 3 Greyhounds and a German Shepherd; their adventures and misadventures. Enjoy their journey.
Vetgirl VETgirl is a team of well-recognized, board-certified veterinary specialists who are passionate about providing practical, clinically relevant, online veterinary continuing education (CE). Visit their Blog.WayCoolDogs Every dog is different, every dog is unique and every dog requires love and companionship. That is who they are. There is no such thing as a bad dog, a vicious dog or a mean dog — there are only bad or ignorant owners who know little of their dog’s breed or about dogs in general