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Raising Chickens – How To Get Started

By : Arron Stewart

Raising chickens may be more work than you realize. It can seem easy at first. Especially when you go into the feed store and see the baby chicks. They are so cute and look like peeping balls of fluff. But not long after, they will be a lot larger and can be more aggressive. At this point they become more work for you. Although you will probably find that chickens really like doing their own thing. This don’t mean that you won’t be able to pet your chickens or hold them. Being familiar with raising chickens though, I know that some chickens are flighty and don’t like to be touched.

Like cats, chickens also prefer to be left alone much of the time. Chickens enjoy their daily routine, which will include daily feedings and the occasional petting. If you gain the trust of your chickens when they are young, you will be surprised by how friendly they can be.

So how exactly do you take care of your chickens properly? Well there are a few things that you definitely need to do, and then there are things that you will learn along the way. The essentials are listed here:

Food: In the beginning you can choose from Organic Starter Feed, or Regular Starter Feed. Though Organic may be a little more expensive it is always the best choice. After eight weeks you can move your chickens on to regular feed, ensuring that they get the nutrition they need. You can also feel free to feed them things like lettuce and other vegetables.

Water: Chickens will always need access to water, of this there is no doubt. The best thing that you can do is give them a galvanized watering bucket that dispenses water automatically. You would also do well to make sure that the water is kept fairly high so that the chickens can get to it, but also so they cannot defecate in it. It is important to remember that chickens are not exactly conscious of where they do their business.

Bedding: Chickens need clean bedding. It keeps absorbs a lot of the chicken manure and is more comfortable on their feet. Bedding can either be wood shavings that you buy at the feed store, or it can be straw. Straw can either be obtained directly from a feed and tack store, or it can be bought from local farmers.

It is also very important to build your coop properly when you are doing some backyard home steading. You need to make sure that the chickens have enough lighting within the coop, and decent access to an outside pen area where they can enjoy the sunlight. Another important thing is that you do not make the ceiling of the coop too low. Make sure that you can walk comfortably within the coop, because if you can hit your head, then chances are so can your chickens. The problem is that when a chicken flies and hits its head, there is a chance that it will die. You will have to deal with a dead chicken eventually, but you want to make it happen later instead of sooner.

Raising chickens can be lots of fun and does not have to be difficult. But you need to realize that it’s not all play and no work. Research what it takes to raise chickens before trying it. That way you can really enjoy the experience.

Author Resource:- Miranda started raising chickens this spring.

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