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Published August 17, 2015 | By Michael


In our continuing exploration of finding the “Right Pet For You”, let’s take a look at Children Friendly Dogs.

I get calls quite often from people wanting to know, since they have children, what would be a great dog to get for the family. They’re looking for a pet that is children friendly and will make a good addition to the family. Of course there isn’t one particular breed that’s the best for everybody but I do have four of them that I usually recommend. Let me tell you about them now.

Let’s start off with the Labrador Retriever. To put it simply I love labs. Labs are great dogs and they usually love everybody. The fact that they have a short coat means they are easy for grooming purposes, however keep in mind that they do shed quite a bit.

If you have an active family a lab is a great dog. Labs love going for hikes, long walks and even enjoy all types of water sports. To put it simply when it comes to water labs love to swim.

If you’re going to get a Labrador however keep in mind that they are very much puppy like until they reach maturity at approximately 2 1/2 to 3 years of age.

Second on my list of favorite dogs is the Golden Retriever. Goldens are a little bit calmer I believe than the average Labrador. However both the Labrador and the Golden make excellent obedience dogs and are easy to train. Because of their longer coat Goldens do require more grooming but it’s definitely not that difficult.

If you have somebody in the family who’s allergic to dogs then the best choice for you may be a Goldendoodle are a Labradoodle. Just like their name implies they are a combination of either a Golden and a Poodle or Labrador and a Poodle. They come in various sizes and colors depending on the size and color of the Poodle.

If you’re getting a Doodle because of the hypo allergenic benefits make sure you get a dog that is at least a third generation in order to reap those benefits.

So far everything we’ve talked about has been a large dog so I want to give you one dog that is smaller if that’s what you and your family are looking for. I think the dog that’s perfect for kids and will really make them laugh is the Pug. Yes Pugs come in two colors black and fawn, their small and are meant to be lapdogs. They’re very loving and are easily trained. So if a small dog for the kids is what you’re looking for I think the pug would be an excellent choice.

The four breeds that I’ve mentioned here are certainly not the only breeds that are good for kids however they are dogs that I’ve had experience with. When it’s time to get that new dog for the kids do some research on Google and find the one that you think would fit with your family the best.

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