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The photos, and editing of the below profile, are the courtesy of  Great Mountain Chinooks

The Chinook is a sled dog that can serve in many other functions including agility, obedience and search and rescue. It is an extremely loyal dog that makes a great family pet.  Because the Chinook is a pack dog, it really wants to be a part of the family’s activity and it does not do well isolated outside of the home. It gets along well with children and has the patience to put up with the sometimes “rough” treatment that younger children may unintentionally provide. Because they are “team players” they get along well with other dogs as well as non-canine pets.  It does well off-leash (although we don’t encourage that in areas that may be unsafe for the dog) — it usually wants to be with the owner as opposed to wondering through the fields. Extremely intelligent, it learns quickly so long as the owner clearly teaches the dog what to do. Because Chinooks are smart and pack-oriented, owners must establish and maintain alpha status with the dog. This does not mean domination or force should be used with this breed. Quite to the contrary, because Chinooks are physically tough, but emotionally soft, they need firm, but kind and respectful guidance and consistent training. They need a moderate amount of exercise and a daily walk will usually suffice.  Some owners have experienced only seasonal shedding (twice a year), while others reported heavy shedding all the time.

Average Height(“‘s)
Average Weight (#’s)
Notes for owners
Calm and non-aggressive
Double Minimal Good off-leash.  Family dog.  OK for apartments if exercised.


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