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By Jodi Ziskin


In recent years, the pet insurance industry has grown to include 12 providers in the United States. Costs, coverage, deductibles and reimbursement policies vary by company.

Is pet insurance necessary? With veterinary costs rising, I believe it is. According to Reviews (dot) com, pet insurance is intended to reduce the risk of financial catastrophe.

Choosing the appropriate plan for your pet(s) based on individual needs is important. For example, some companies do not cover common issues, like hip dysplasia.

Reviews (dot) com recently named Figo Pet Insurance, Healthy Paws and Trupanion as the three best pet insurance providers. Criteria include comprehensive medical coverage, coverage of actual vet bills with no annual limits, at least some prescription drug coverage, and the customer service experience.

To read the very well written article by featuring in-depth reviews of the top companies along with the ‘runners-up,’ click on this link:

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