Clipping Your Cat’s Nails

Tips For Clipping Your Cat’s Nails


Every cat owner knows how what an arduous task it is for you and your cat to have their nails clipped.  I know that I have to catch my cat, Sammy, right when he wakes up from a nap so he is a little drowsy and not as contentious.   With skill, timing and patience, you can learn how to clip your cat’s nails effectively.

Before trimming your cat’s nails, make sure to get all of the supplies you will need.  You can purchase a pair of safety type nail clippers from your local pet store which are usually less than ten dollars. You should also have some gel handy in case of bleeding.

Try to have someone who works at the pet store show you how to use the nail clippers.  You should also have some treats nearby, so your cat will get some rewards when the clipping is done.

Below are some tips/instructions:

1. This is not an activity that should be rushed. You can prepare your cat for his or her nail clipping by spending a week gently massaging your cat’s paws and getting him used to having his paws handled.  That way, when the clipping occurs, he won’t know it is the ‘real thing’.

2. Place one finger on your cat’s food pad and push the claw so that it is visible through the fur. This is a little more difficult if you have a long-haired cat with furry feet but just takes a little effort.

3. Start slowly. Don’t feel like you have to complete the entire process in one sitting. If your cat seems stressed out, try doing just one paw per day, rather than all at once.

4. Trim each nail to just beyond the point where it begins to curve.

5. Only trim the white tip of the claw. Never clip the pink or darker part of the nail which is closer to the foot pad. You only need to snip a small portion of the pointed end of the nail so it becomes blunt.

6. It’s always better to clip too little, rather than too much.  You can do a further clip the next time around.

7. If you are really uncomfortable about clipping your cat’s nails by yourself, remember that most vets and all groomers will include nail trimming as part of their services.  Or just ask your vet to show you how to clip nails when you have your next visit.

If you follow the above instructions, you and your cat will get used to the nail clipping process.  It does take time to really learn how to clip your cat’s nails effectively.  Sometimes the cat nail clipping project is easier to accomplish with two people involved instead of just one. This way, you can have one person hold your cat still and the other person trim his or her nails.  Good luck!

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