Clumber Spaniel

Sporting Breed

Tony and a puppy from the Summerstraw Kennel

Clumber Spaniels are docile and affectionate pets who are good with children and other pets, especially if they grew with the family as a puppy.  The Clumber can be wiry of strangers so playing with unknown children should be supervised until the Clumber also accepts these children as friends.  They are good retrievers and use their stocky build and solid chest to help them plow through the underbrush.  The Clumber is usually easily trained, but may tend to be a single person dog.  A pleasant walk, daily game of fetch, or a swim will satisfy their exercise requirements, and they make good apartment dogs if they receive their daily romp.  Do not over-exercise in the heat.  Brush their coat frequently, but not less than once a week.  They shed.

Average Height(“‘s)
Average Weight (#’s)
Notes for owners
Soft Weekly Calm and quite.  Good with children.  Rare.  Prefer sleep to movement.  Heavy shedding.

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We STRONGLY recommend that you get your dog from a respectable breeder or rescue organization.  Pet store puppies may get their dogs from Puppy Mills that normally breed only for profit, not quality or concern for the puppy or its eventual owner.
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