Colorpoint Shorthair

The Colorpoint Shorthair is similar to the Siamese but with colors not associated with the Siamese. Coat is fine-textured and glossy.  Some grooming is necessary to maintain their white to off-white coats.  Depending on the cat they can have a full, round head, a semi-wedge head, or an extreme-wedge head.

  • BREED TYPE:  Man-made
  • BODY TYPE:  Foreign
  • COAT TYPE:  Shorthair
  • SIZE:  Large, up to 14 pounds
  • TEMPERAMENT:  Love to be loved.  Talkative and fun-loving.  Snoopy and can usually be found in high places.  Very interactive with people.  Gets along with other pets.
  • COLORS:  Point:  cream, red, blue tortie, chocolate tortie, seal tortie, red lynx, seal lynx, cream lynx, lilac lynx, blue lynx, chocolate lynx, lilac tortie lynx, blue tortie lynx, chocolate tortie lynx, seal tortie lynx.

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