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This article was written for Pet Guardian Angels of America by Mikkie Mills


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How to Keep Your Cat Comfy All Year Long

There is nothing better than having a happy cat. On the other hand there is nothing worse than having a grumpy cat. When someone gets a cat the last thing they think about is having a cat that hides under things and does a lot of scratching. Your cat will need time to adjust if you have just got them or you just recently moved to a new house or apartment. They should return back to their usual self but it make take some love and patience. Here are five things to consider when figuring out how to care for your cat:

The Weather

Think about where you are living. Will you experience all the different seasons? Or is it just one season where the temperature fluctuates throughout the year? This will make a difference for your cat. If the temperatures get extreme, whether it be cold or hot you will need to take some precautions so your cat does not get sick. Keep your cat healthy by watching them and see how they react to different weather. You may need to keep your cat indoors more for extra warmth in the winter or keep them cool during the hotter months.

Living Environment

Some cat’s can be very particular about where they go. Your cat may insist on staying in a
couple of different rooms. Or they may have one spot on the couch that is the cat’s personal
spot because they won’t sit anywhere else. Does your cat live indoors or outdoors? Do they
need a change of environment every now and again? You might want to consider changing it up
if they are unhappy or are always scratching on the door. If they sleep in a certain room but
always end up in another room you can move their bed so they don’t wake up the whole house
every night.

The Cat

Cats are not all exactly the same and two cats can have extremely different personalities and preferences. The first thing to do is to look at your cat’s coat. Is your cat hairless or is it super fluffy? If your cat is super fluffy you may consider getting them shaved during the summer months if it super hot outside. Or if your cat is hairless you may want to make sure that they are warm enough during the winter months if they spend any time outside. Keeping your cat’s fur nice and clean will help them stay healthy and prevent them from catching any bugs or diseases.

Sleeping Situation

Your cat may not like the bed that you have chosen for them. You may have even bought them
a big cat house and all that they want to do is sleep in the cardboard box it came in. If you live in a place that gets all four seasons you may find that your cat wants different materials to sleep on during different seasons. The winter months can get cold and so can your cat. You can line their regular bed with some fleece fabricso they will stay nice and toasty. During the summer months your cat may get extremely hot and will only want to sleep on cooler surfaces such as tile or a lightweight blanket.

Your Cat’s Health

A baby kitten is going to have different needs than an older cat. A newer cat will need to be watched after a little bit more and kept out of trouble. They will also need to be played with and kept entertained. An older cat will need to have an environment that is a little more quiet and relaxed. They may not want to play and only want to sleep and be left alone. If your cat has any problems like bleeding or walking funny you will want to take them to your trusted vet. Keeping your kitty happy can take some time to figure out, especially if they are brand new to your home. With some trial and error you can find out all of your precious cat’s quirks and know how to keep your cat content throughout its whole life.

Mikkie Mills, is a freelance writer who often writes about family, home improvements and the occasional DIY project.